Hold my beer.

Do you get the feeling the only reason it may take the SEC three years to approve alcohol sales in the cheap seats is because it’ll take that long to come up with a bullshit rationale for the change?

Just go ahead and say, “but we’d find something to spend it on” and be done with it, folks.  It’s not like you’re fooling anybody.


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  1. Paul

    It’s hard to figure out a way to say “we’re doing it for the students” when the subject is alcohol. Probably something along the lines of “once our patrons know they can buy alcohol inside they’ll be less likely to overindulge beforehand.” And just think how much quicker the security checks will go once we all stop trying to smuggle in booze. Since one of our board members just happens to be a distributor, I’m sure the pricing model will be favorable. At least as far as the reserve fund is concerned.


    • Macallanlover

      So a ten dollar brewski will get you a $3 tax deduction…maybe?


    • Uglydawg

      The law of supply and demand says that once you can’t bring it in, it will become relatively expensive. Students will become bootleggers (to an even greater degree than they already are) and the pat-down crew will be getting fat on bribes. ‘
      A great way to present it kills two birds with one stone..”The price will be necessarily high to discourage over-indulgence” and “we are now selling beer all over the stadium to raise money for improving facilities”. Of course they would both be lies to justify the end.


  2. Kevin

    They sell it in the sky suites and premium seats? Sounds like a double standard. If you give more money you get better perks. Wrong!


  3. I wonder what they will do with the moronic concession stand set up. You can’t sell booze if you are not 21.


  4. ApalachDawg

    The st Joseph’s scout group will no how to handle the spirits!
    Catholics rule baby