Unleash the hounds.

What’s the over/under on the number of SEC feelers Petrino’s already put out?



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  1. AusDawg85

    “Coach P…Auburn’s on line 1, Knoxville is calling your cell, and the Mizzou rep is in the lobby.”

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  2. KershDawg

    Auburn has to be the first to call right?


  3. SemperFiDawg

    Auburn. Book it.


  4. Otto

    If he is named in a federal case, does L’ville have to pay the buyout?


  5. Bright Idea

    OK call me dumb but just what season was Petrino such a great coach?


  6. mdcgtp

    I wonder if Petrino is suited for the meat grinder of SEC recruiting.

    Indulge me for a moment….Ultimately, it seems like we are all fighting like crazy over the same small universe of high 4 and 5 star prospects. The rest of the world “fights” over low 4, and 3 star prospects (arguably the same thing in my book) and 2-3 star projects where the probability of success is lower, range of outcomes is wider which means evaluations are critically important. Exactly why one picks Louisville over NC State or Syracuse or Minnesota or Indiana and vice versa is a bit of a mystery to me. In my own feeble mind, I imagine recruiting for PJ Fleck is NOT as much as a 24/7/365 obsession relative to Kirby/Saban and other programs chasing the nation’s elite. The 3 star guys don’t have the leverage to drag things out to signing day. Thus, Petrino has never really faced the pressure of having to recruit elite players or else! At Arkansas, he was forgiven for not being as talented as Bama and LSU on defense as long as he could field a competitive offense. At Auburn and UT, there would be less forgiveness for such failures.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but aside from the money, if you take an elite SEC head coaching job, you have to really LOVE recruiting. I am not sure that is who Petrino is. While he is viewed as a nomad, I would argue that the only real truly “nomadic” move was quitting the Falcons, which despite the obvious oddity of a coaching quitting on his team, made sense to get back to the college game. Leaving UL the first time for the NFL made sense. He did not leave Arkansas by choice and might still be there today.

    I would be inclined to believe that he leverages the lower buyout into a raise of some sort.


  7. Cojones

    Petrino and Jurich fired about an hour ago. Jurich because he didn’t fire Petrino when ordered to do so and Petrino put on notice that he will be fired 10 days hence as his contract dictates.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    I admire whoever thought that up. If Jurich gets replaced then my client’s job isn’t as safe, so cut his liquidated damage obligation.


    • Anonymous

      I’m thinking the other way around: if the guy who hired me is gone, I’m less safe and so I want a bigger buyout to make it more likely I can stay here. What am I missing bc it seems to me that this puts BP in a weaker state.


  9. VoxDawg

    That’s some Jimmy Sexton-level 27D Interdimensional Holographic Chess, right there…


  10. Lrgk9

    Pocket Change to Auburn


  11. dawgman3000

    I say he ends up at Missouri.


  12. Go Dawgs!

    Wait, I thought his “feelers” were the reason he isn’t in the SEC now…


  13. As much as we all joke, not even Auburn can hire Petrino. I think he is legitimately at the largest program that will have him.

    The PR hit for whatever SEC school hired him would be unlike anything I can remember.