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Moar peak Kentucky

I had to read this twice to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Thank Gawd for extended support staffs, I suppose.

When someone says the SEC overall is down because of coaching, this is what they’re talking about.



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There it is.

Georgia under Smart finally cracks the coveted 90% mark in Bill Connelly’s S&P+ performance percentage.

If you’re impressed by that, this will impress you even more.


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Wedge issue

Sounds like Kirby Smart’s bought a ticket or two.

That’s what happens when you design your stadium seating for midgets.


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THERE’S your nooner.

Game time’s been set in Nashville.


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Calling Huntley Johnson

Shit just got realer in Gainesville.

Florida star receiver Antonio Callaway and starting tailback Jordan Scarlett were among the players charged with felonies on Monday by the state attorney’s office in Gainesville, Florida. Callaway, one of nine suspended players during the investigation, was charged with first-degree felony fraud/swindle obtaining property under $20,000 and felony fraud/impersonation for using or possessing another person’s ID without consent.

First degree felony fraud?  How far can the man get that knocked down?  And how fast?


UPDATE:  Wait — this only gets better.


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Returning to the Field of (Broken) Dreams

After Georgia’s last two trips to Neyland, and the carnage left in their wake, I’m apprehensive about the team’s health after this Saturday’s game.

Nick Chubb’s excited.  Somehow, I’m not surprised.


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It’s not true unless Mr. Conventional Wisdom says so.

The least hot take you’ll read today:


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