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“[Blaming players] drives me insane.”

In fact, blaming players makes Corch so insane, he blames Boom for something Boom never said.

Meyer also said Muschamp “blamed us for Florida,” referring to a perceived lack of talent left for Muschamp when Meyer departed before the 2011 season…

It’s not clear if Muschamp ever directly suggested the cupboard was bare when he took over for Meyer. However, at the time of his Florida firing in 2014, Muschamp told CBS Sports, “[We] changed the culture of the program that was labeled by the previous head coach [Meyer] as ‘broken.’ He said it. I didn’t.”

We all know what “culture” references to Meyer’s stint at Florida mean and they’ve got nothing to do with talent, other than that the talent was the excuse for the culture.  Which means someone’s full of shit here, and it ain’t Boom.

How big a jerk do you have to be to get me to defend Will Muschamp?



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“So they missed out on yet another one.”

Cam Newton, sore winner.


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“Jake’s already comfortable making checks.”

I don’t know if Jake Fromm is as precocious as his teammates are making him out to be…

“He’s been out there making his own checks since the first day he’s been here,” fullback Christian Payne said. “He already knows the whole offense. That’s a special kind of guy you don’t see a lot of.

“He can definitely make all the checks, all the alerts, everything like that.”

… but I love that they’re planting that idea out there for Notre Dame to ponder as it gameplans.

“He’s been comfortable since the day he got here, trusting his eyes and seeing what he sees. If he sees a safety rotation he’s going to check it. And I think he’s very comfortable with making those calls…”


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”We’re not a read and react defense. We’re going to create a new line of scrimmage.”

Shorter Brian Kelly:  Blah, blah, blah, blah-blah.


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It’s in the stars.

Our kids’ recruiting rankings beat their kids’.


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Name that caption, win one for the dumpster edition

I’m sorry, I keep thinking the level of snark I feel every time I see Booch’s latest effort at motivational mastery will fade…


But I’m wrong.

Have at it in the comments.  Make Booch proud.


UPDATE:  This one’s not bad.


UPDATE #2:  This, too.


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Thursday morning buffet

So many nuggets, so little time.

  • For Florida, it takes a village to raise a mediocre offense.
  • Distraction time:  Brian Kelly’s been sued by a former player.
  • The Jarrett Stidham hype train didn’t exactly burst out of the station in Auburn’s opener.  Eh, it’ll probably kick in against Clemson’s defense this week…
  • Strong mid-majors performance in this year’s recently concluded Fulmer Cup standings.
  • A few SEC Network insights on Georgia’s defense and Jake Fromm after the opener.
  • It sounds like the 1980 Georgia squad is as frustrated about the title drought as the rest of us are.
  • You know your program is a finely tuned machine when you first learn about your injury status on Twitter.
  • Here’s a look at our fan base from a Chicago perspective.
  • Trent Thompson is coming on like gangbusters.  “Thompson also added two tackles for a loss and a sack. In his last two games (counting last season’s bowl game) he has had 14 tackles, 5 ½ tackles for loss and four sacks. He had just two sacks in the first 12 games last season, before three in the bowl game against TCU and one on Saturday.”


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Let’s go to the tape.

Several of you mentioned the video clip of the highlights from last week’s Notre Dame-Temple game.  Here it is in all its glory:

Certainly it’s truncated, but there are a few observations worth sharing.

  • If there’s one thing you can see over and over, it’s that Temple’s defense needs to work hard on tackling fundamentals.  If Georgia whiffs as much as the Owls did, it’s going to be a long afternoon.
  • Wimbush looks exactly like you’d expect an inexperienced quarterback with a load of physical talent to look.  Keep him in the pocket should be the day’s mantra.
  • I really like Notre Dame’s tailbacks, though.  Might as well face the reality that they’re gonna bust a few good runs.
  • And, yeah, that offensive line is pretty damned big.  They also had a nice uncalled hold that sprung Wimbush for Notre Dame’s first touchdown.
  • Hard to draw a lot of conclusions about ND’s defense.  Temple appeared to move the ball in spots, but not consistently.  How much of that was due to the defense and how much to a quarterback that had almost no playing experience is hard to say.



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