Thursday morning buffet

So many nuggets, so little time.

  • For Florida, it takes a village to raise a mediocre offense.
  • Distraction time:  Brian Kelly’s been sued by a former player.
  • The Jarrett Stidham hype train didn’t exactly burst out of the station in Auburn’s opener.  Eh, it’ll probably kick in against Clemson’s defense this week…
  • Strong mid-majors performance in this year’s recently concluded Fulmer Cup standings.
  • A few SEC Network insights on Georgia’s defense and Jake Fromm after the opener.
  • It sounds like the 1980 Georgia squad is as frustrated about the title drought as the rest of us are.
  • You know your program is a finely tuned machine when you first learn about your injury status on Twitter.
  • Here’s a look at our fan base from a Chicago perspective.
  • Trent Thompson is coming on like gangbusters.  “Thompson also added two tackles for a loss and a sack. In his last two games (counting last season’s bowl game) he has had 14 tackles, 5 ½ tackles for loss and four sacks. He had just two sacks in the first 12 games last season, before three in the bowl game against TCU and one on Saturday.”


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9 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. waterloodawg

    Well, that explains how the Notre Dame games got scheduled. from Here’s a Look:

    The game was created on something of a whim. Notre Dame and Georgia are among six schools (Michigan, USC, North Carolina and Texas are the others) in the Sports Management Institute, a training ground for athletic administrators. In the spring of 2013, Georgia’s Josh Brooks and Notre Dame’s Chad Klunder got to talking: What if their schools could meet on the gridiron?

    “Josh brought it to me and I said, ‘Gosh, that would be fantastic,'” says McGarity, who played tennis at Georgia and has been athletic director since 2010.


  2. Russ

    Anyone here planning to go to the Highline Bar on Friday night? That’s the welcome reception put on by the Chicago alni society.


    • sniffer

      Sad as s••t story here, Russ. My son has a ticket and airfare paid. Lives in Orlando. Southwest won’t commit to getting him out Sunday to anywhere close to home. Certainly not to Orlando. He’s on call Monday at the hospital and can’t miss being there. A lifetime opportunity lays in the ashes of a hurricane.


      • 92 grad

        Just get in the car and drive.


      • Russ

        That really sucks. I had to shuffle my flight from Houston because Southwest is just now (maybe) getting back to normal here. I was going up early Saturday but they were cancelling early flights each day, so they let me rebook for tomorrow.

        I’d be road tripping otherwise.


  3. Russ

    Saban read that Florida injury tweet story and said “aight”.


  4. Macallanlover

    Again hating on the scheduling dummies at Disney, fur best games of the day layered on top of one another with all starting from 7-8 PM. Really interested in the Clemson/Barn game, also not sure the new AU QB is the 2nd coming of Cam. OU/ohio game looks like a close matchup to me. I don’t expect to have much opportunity to take my eyes off the Dawgs though, looks like a 4 quarter game to me. Biggest concern to me isn’t the UGA offense, more worried about the running QB after seeing our OLBs crash down the line and let Appy’s QB pick up some easy first downs.


  5. Greg

    Excellent read/s…….good work, thanks for the hard work. The best blog out there (dawgs). GO DAWGS!!


  6. SouthGaDawg

    Player sues Kelly for neglect in spine injury – At least he didn’t have to climb a scissors lift in a lightning storm…