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“Please understand these types of investigations do take some time to complete.”

I bet they’ll give it their best shot to wrap things up before the Cocktail Party, though.


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Musical palate cleanser, be still, my heart edition

I’m bustin’, Jerry, bustin‘.

The Replacements have announced a new live album, For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986. The two-disc set features their legendary performance at the Hoboken, N.J. venue. It’s due out September 29 via Rhino and includes new liner notes from Bob Mehr, author of Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements, as well as never-before-seen photos from writer and photographer Caryn Rose. Mehr writes in the liner notes, “More than 30 years after the original concert, Replacements for Sale finally offers high-fidelity proof of the peculiar alchemy and unadulterated majesty of one of rock and roll’s greatest bands.” Check out the full tracklist below, and listen to the For Sale rendition of “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

I sure as hell can’t wait.


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Herbie’s just tryin’ to help, y’all.

You know, I’m really beginning to enjoy the hell out of Ohio State’s season.


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Hold the line.

Quite the stat here.

Meanwhile, “Notre Dame managed to pressure quarterback Jake Fromm on just 11 of his 31 dropbacks.”

If Notre Dame indeed has two legitimate first rounders on its offensive line, what does that say about Georgia’s defensive front seven?  And maybe, just maybe, the Dawgs’ offensive line is doing a little better than we gave it credit for doing.


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“The most important point for me to be there is after the fact.”

If you’re a US Congressman, there will always be another hurricane affecting your district for you to lavish with your undivided attention, but a Georgia game at Notre Dame Stadium?  That’s a different story.

A Dawg’s gotta do what a Dawg’s gotta do.


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“The ante’s up.”

When it comes to the subject of penalties, if Kirby Smart ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

Although if he really wanted to piss off everybody, he’d bring in Penn Wagers to do it.


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This week in Year of the Quarterback

Matt Hinton’s QB Curve piece from yesterday has a little bit of everything for you, starting with this astonishing clip of Nick Fitzgerald from last year’s Egg Bowl.

When you’ve got a quarterback who can run away from the secondary, you’ve got a fast quarterback.  Hell, you’ve got a fast back, period.  Fortunately for Georgia, who has to defend him in a couple of weeks, Fitzgerald’s passing game isn’t on the same level.

With the exception of the Alabama game and a pair of midseason losses at BYU and Kentucky, he was rarely awful. Even at his best, though, his ceiling as a passer settled in around replacement-level. His overall completion percentage for the season (54.3) was the worst of any regular SEC starter except Texas A&M’s Trevor Knight. His average yards per attempt in conference games (6.1) was the worst of any SEC starter except Georgia’s Jacob Eason. Against opponents that finished with winning records, he turned in the worst efficiency rating (108.4) of any SEC starter except Vanderbilt’s Kyle Shurmur. In contrast to his breakaway style on the ground, he had one of the league’s lowest rates of explosive plays through the air.

Pretty obvious that Tucker’s game plan will be a lather, rinse, repeat version of what he had for Brandon Wimbush.

As far as the local boy goes, it’s hard to argue with Matt’s summary.

Still, the upshot is that, with Georgia’s defense and ground game, Fromm only needed to be minimally competent to survive and he was. Given the rest of Georgia’s schedule, that might be good enough to the take the Bulldogs an awfully long way: None of the toughest remaining tests (against Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia Tech) look any more daunting right now than the one Fromm just passed, and there’s clearly no need to rush Jacob Eason back from the knee injury that kept him sidelined in South Bend. Whether it was good enough for Fromm to continue to earn significant reps whenever Eason is 100 percent is another story.

And that’s the thing.  The quarterback controversy may be a trendy topic for message board arguments and pundits, but if Georgia is good enough in other areas to get away with minimally competent quarterback play, it’s not that big a deal which of the two starts, is it?

Finally, the snark.  And it’s tasty stuff.

Honk If You Sacked Jarrett. Remember when this was a thing?

I dunno, something tells me the bets that drove up those odds aren’t going to be paying off. Call it a hunch.


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