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What is the opposite of a decided schematic advantage?

That would be this.

That’s some bad shit there, Booch.

I’m beginning to think I’m going to be offended if Georgia loses in Knoxville in a couple of weeks.


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The UT game won’t be at night.

Georgia versus Trash Can U makes to the CBS 3:30 time slot.


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Zero tolerance from the school of second chances

Well, now.

Auburn quarterback Sean White, who was arrested early Sunday morning for public intoxication, has been dismissed from the team, a source told AL.com.

Is that supposed to send a message to someone?


UPDATE:  Oops.  Forgot that White was already on his second chance.  Still seems like kind of weak sauce for a dismissal, though.


UPDATE #2:  This seems a little cold, Gus.


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In which I repeat myself

Yeah, I know I posted something about Notre Dame’s running game the other day, but I can’t lay off sharing this kind of information.

Notre Dame in back-to-back weeks went from its worst rushing performance in three seasons to its best in almost five decades.

The Irish’s 515 yards on 51 carries in a 49-20 win at Boston College on Saturday were the most since they amassed 597 yards against Navy in 1969. Their 10.1 yards per attempt broke the modern school record of 10.0 against Great Lakes in 1942.

This happened after they netted 55 yards on 37 carries in a loss to Georgia, their fewest since they managed 41 on 38 attempts in a loss to Arizona State in 2014…

The 515 rushing yards tied for second-most allowed by Boston College. Army ran for 516 against the Eagles in 2012 and for 515 in 1985.

Face it, guys.  Georgia’s defense played its ass off against the run in South Bend.


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Pissant pissing match

Somehow, I don’t think this is what the SEC has in mind with its “It just means more” marketing slogan.


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Meet the new meme, same as the old meme

As Mark Schlabach puts it, “After only three weeks, there’s a creeping feeling that the SEC is once again following a familiar script: It’s Alabama and then everyone else.”

It’s hard to argue with that.  My only thought is that instead of continuing to blame all the mediocre coaches, why doesn’t somebody start blaming all the mediocre athletic directors who hired the mediocre coaches?


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The weirdest stat of the 2017 season

Ralph Webb is currently 36th in the SEC in yards per rushing attempt for all players averaging at least four carries per game.  To put that in perspective, the only players with lower averages are quarterbacks.  This, from someone whom many considered to be the most underrated player in the conference coming into this season.

Making things even worse is that Webb is second in the conference in carries per game.  It’s remarkable that an offense as conservative as Vanderbilt’s is has survived that so far.  It’ll be nothing short of miraculous if the same thing can be said after facing Alabama this week.


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