What is the opposite of a decided schematic advantage?

That would be this.

That’s some bad shit there, Booch.

I’m beginning to think I’m going to be offended if Georgia loses in Knoxville in a couple of weeks.


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  1. baitstand

    So much for my “Bobo-esque” description of the play call.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Beyond Crompton Redux


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    For those of you who watched that game in its entirety, you know I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that if we lose to them yet again this year, we should probably disband the football program and concentrate on spring sports instead. Maybe even convert Sanford into a giant tennis stadium that makes the U.S. Open and its famed Arthur Ashe stadium openly weep in admiration.

    That UT team was so poorly coached, with so many idiotic decisions throughout the game that I probably would have fired Butch immediately after the game if I were the UT AD. But here’s the thing – Butch and co. almost always follow up such train wrecks by pulling something totally out of their a** and winning a game they really shouldn’t later on, and I really hope we aren’t that team. That’s what makes Butch so fascinating to me — he’s clearly an average coach who relies of cliches and lame motivational tactics, yet 1-2 times a year he stumbles into a game where literally all the bounces go his way and he gets the win.


  4. Stoopnagle

    I am. Totally going to be put out if we don’t beat Tennessee this year. They’re a wreck. They’re small on the DL, they’re slow at LB… but somehow I just know in my heart that they’ll figure out what they’ve got a RB just in time to do just enough to outscore our offense. Because I’m a Georgia fan.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    You’re just now beginning to think you’re going to be offended if Georgia loses in Knoxville? When I saw that Tech game – a game that by all rights UT should have lost – I thought that. I know we have to play on their crappy injury riddled field, but still… no excuses Kirby. I kind of want to see UT win a game they shouldn’t (besides Tech) because I’d like to see them keep Booch, but not us, by Dawg.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Damned if I’da told that one, Butch.

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    IF we stroll into Jax with 1 loss….I’ll be a happy camper….undefeated would be great, but 1 won’t have we sweating much at all. Not really caring who the 1 is either.


    • dawgtired

      “Not really caring who the 1 is either.”
      Miss St., if they play like they did against LSU, would be the only ‘logical’ one to expect but that even wouldn’t be ‘acceptable’. I may bring myself to understand it if we have trouble defending both run and pass but even then I still couldn’t say ‘happy camper’.
      Losing to UT, Vandy or Mizzu…nothing but unacceptable and certainly not ‘happy’.


  8. Dog in Fla

    This week Butch checks out of a runnoft play and calls in a boom goes the dynamite enhanced outside motivational speaker – Mitt “We should double-Guantanamo!” Romney – to double-Gurantano them


  9. Rocketdawg

    This idiot has already won two games against us that he shouldn’t have. If we lose to the butt chuggers this year then something is seriously wrong.


  10. Mayor

    I’m offended that we lost the last 2 years.


  11. TnDawg

    Report from behind the lines:

    They ain’t real happy up here right now. There were several season ticket holders that I usually enjoy a bit of banter with that either flipped me off or said “F*ck you, don’t start” like they meant it today.

    It’s gettin’ pretty sporty up here and Butch seems to be catching most of the heat around the barstools.


    • Got Cowdog

      Gotta love that!


    • Mark

      Did you flip them off or say “F*ck you, don’t start” last year? ‘Cause if you didn’t, they should shut their pie-holes.


      • 92 grad

        Ehh, it’s hard to push hard at work sometimes, don’t be too hard on tn dawg. I agree that they’ve got it coming but we don’t know what it’s like at his business.

        And I agree with most, if they beat us this year I will really be “college football lost me” because I’m really just interested in the dawgs. I don’t play the “I root for the sec, or, I’m glad when anyone besides Alabama wins the championship.”


      • TnDawg

        I bartend.

        It’s hard to push too many buttons lest my tips suffer. Needless to say, No such quarter is given when the shoe is on the other foot.

        Last year, after that game ending we won’t talk bout, my boss put a drink special on the next week: The Athens Hail Mary.

        I had to muddle peach slices with simple syrup (boss called them “crushed peaches” on the menu), Tennessee whisky, splash of soda and topped with orange juice (or “Big Orange juice”, per the menu).

        It was a pretty good drink, but my regulars ordered them like crazy just to irritate me all week. If I didn’t really like my boss, I’d really hate him.


  12. I texted a UT fan right after that 1st and goal play.I said “don’t you have just ONE play to call from under center?” Apparently not. Really bad look there. Really bad look.


  13. JCDAWG83

    A guy I tailgate with, who went to Georgia and is a huge Dawg fan whose father graduated from UT and is a big fan said his dad told him a fair number of fans are almost pulling for UT to lose games this season so Sgt. Carter will be fired. He said last season did Booch in with the fans.


  14. Spike

    We will get their BEST SHOT!!


  15. Scorpio Jones, III

    Wif all doo respect to the folks above…fuck Tennessee, we got other work to do.