If you’ve longed for the days of Jared Lorenzen…

Arkansas may be starting a quarterback this week who’s a 6-foot-7, 268-pound redshirt freshman.

“I’m not sure they’ll change their offense but when (Kelley) has played they’ve done more quarterback runs,” Saban said Wednesday. “This guy is like 6-7, 270 pounds. In fact when I first started watching the film I thought he was a Wildcat quarterback that was (also) a tight end.”



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19 responses to “If you’ve longed for the days of Jared Lorenzen…

  1. Brandon

    The Pillsbury Throw Boy, the Round Mound of Touchdown, that was the zenith of Rece Davis’s career.


  2. Cojones

    Except this guy’s girth is vertical. Perhaps Sunscreen or Hombre Montana (can’t place the tilde over the “n”) would be more appropriate nicknames. Of course, if he comes out painted green with food coloring… … … .


  3. illini84



  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Eason is 6-6. All we need to do is fatten him up (Chaney should be great at that) and we’ll have our own Lorenzen! Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  5. Uglydawg

    Munson’s descriptions of Jared Lorenzen were beautiful! “That big giant just standing back there”, “Godzilla”, etc. And the time Lorenzen threw the ball backwards…turned his hand around and threw it backwards for a completion, well, I wasn’t there but I heard it on the radio and it was great! To hear Larry describe it, JL was Samson..standing there in his armor with defensive players just bouncing off of him and having no chance to slay him.

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  6. Russ

    Looks like he hit “peak Jared” and it starting back down. Good luck to him getting healthy again.



  7. Otto

    He was fun to watch, until your LB was trying to bring him down.


  8. MGW

    In fact, I have longed for those days. It still baffles me why there aren’t more gigantic QB’s. If he’s going to be tall and stand in the pocket waiting to either get sacked or throw it, why does he have to be skinny? In fact, why wouldn’t you want him to be able to take a hit or two and stay upright? He could at least fall forward on the sneak or any other time he’s tackled, even if he isn’t that athletic. It makes no sense to me.


  9. Macallanlover

    Guy was something else, especially considering everyone started out treating him as a joke. It is a good question why we don’t see more QBs who are built like him and have a strong arm, Steeler QB is the closest thing I can recall.