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Now THIS is how you do stat porn.

Go ahead.  Start running that cold shower.

“Saban hasn’t attained”?  Hubba hubba.


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You know you’ve been waiting for the next steaming hot take from Mr. Conventional Wisdom.

So many pundits promise consistency.  Tony’s greatness lies in that he actually delivers.


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Envy and jealousy, EDSBS edition

Spencer Hall worries about the effect the 7-0 Bulldogs may have on his psyche:

When Georgia’s gone 7-0 before, it meant SEC titles at least, and in one modern case — the hallowed 1980 season — it meant a national championship. There is no snide joke about inevitably losing to Florida or Alabama here. I’ve been preparing my soul for the real possibility of consistently good Georgia football for several months now. For your own protection, I suggest you do the same.

You know for a Gator fan that’s especially gotta hurt.


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Balance, when things are clicking

Jake Fromm is your SEC leader in yards per attempt.

Georgia has three of the conference’s top nine backs in yards per carry.

Pretty cool, eh?


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“Frustrated, but it’s not the end of the world.”

For a guy making more than $4 million a year to, you know, win games and play for big titles, Gus Malzahn sounds remarkably sanguine about blowing a 20-point lead to a team that lost to Troy a couple of weeks ago.


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Today’s “pinch me” stat

I don’t know what blows me away more this morning, that Georgia is fifth nationally in third-down conversion percentage, or that the Dawgs are converting more than 50% of their third down conversion attempts.  This, with the question marks at wide receiver and offensive line coming into the season, not to mention starting a true freshman quarterback for the last six games.

Those of you who are still down on Jim Chaney, you are welcome to explain your misgivings in the comments section.


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The grind, she is getting statistic-y.

This is ESPN analytics, so I don’t know how pornographic you’ll take this as being, but still…



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