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Maybe those guys can coach a little after all.

The amazing thing about this chart isn’t where true freshman Jake Fromm stands…

… it’s the ridiculously few number of times Fromm has faced pressure so far this season.

Chaney has done an effective job protecting Fromm with his playcalling and Pittman obviously deserves a share of the credit, too.



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It took ’em three and a half years to punt.  How stupid does Michael Adams’ overreaction to the Harrick scandal look now?  (It looked stupid at the time, but, still.)

At least now they can get back to what’s important, which is keeping the labor base cheap.


UPDATE:  The hypocrisy is strong in this one.


UPDATE #2:  Good to see Greg Sankey has his priorities straight.

Poor babies.


UPDATE #3:  The cherry on top of today’s NCAA sundae


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Oh, it’s nothing, really.

Today’s stat porn is porny.


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The UVa Way?

This is like some cruel trick Gawd is playing on me:  Carla Williams is in the mix to become the University of Virginia’s next athletic director.


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The president from another planet

I read this Mark Emmert interview with the New York Times and my first thought upon finishing was “is he really this clueless”?  I mean, here’s the last paragraph of the story:

“There’s always been rumors and innuendo that swirled around about this kind of behavior,” he said. “I think one of the most disturbing elements of this whole circumstance is it seems to have uncovered, at least in these cases, a code of silence — that people who were aware of these things weren’t coming forward.”

This guy runs an organization with an investigation arm that is routinely rebuffed by folks who have no vested interest in cooperating with the NCAA (no, don’t ask me to explain Greg McGarity in that regard) and he’s surprised by a “code of silence”?  Jeebus.


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You know you’re having a rough season when…

… your team is off to such a slow start, you can’t even keep track of how many games you’ve lost.

As far as Missouri linebacker Terez Hall is concerned, the Tigers are much better than they have played this year…

“You’ve seen that we’re 1-5,” Hall said, accidentally mistaking the Tigers’ record. “That’s our identity. Until we change that, that’s what we’re going to be. So we got to play hard.

“We got to go out and get a win. Because we’re playing Georgia this weekend, that don’t mean nothing. It’s the same goal, go 1-0. We’re trying to win this weekend like how we were trying to win last week.”

Of course, the snark inside me feels like Hall may just be anticipating this weekend’s result.


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You know, when you put it that way…

Yeah, Larry Scott is a dick.  That’s callous even by Jim Delany standards.


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What’s the opposite of schadenfreude?

After suffering through all those years of Jon Fabris’ challenges/directional kicking, the Logan Gray era and last season’s general special teams ineptitude, what am I supposed to make of Bill Connelly’s wistful jealousy?

Oh, by the way: Georgia ranks first in Special Teams S&P+, too. Fun, right? They don’t allow punt returns (at least, not good ones), 74 percent of their kickoffs are touchbacks, place-kicker Rodrigo Blankenship is automatic under 40 yards, Mecole Hardman is averaging nearly 11 yards per punt return, and Mecole Hardman is averaging nearly 30 yards per kick return.

Missouri, meanwhile, is undergoing a position battle at long-snapper.

Honestly, it’s kind of freaking me out.  I’ll probably get over that, though.


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Name that caption, peaceful, easy feeling edition

This is such a great picture.


Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press

From trashcans to revenge… so many snarky choices.  Have at it in the comments.


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