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Not that I saw anything different watching the game live, but this Ian Boyd post makes it abundantly clear that it wasn’t scheme that did in Georgia’s offense, just plain old crappy execution in every phase of the game, particularly blocking.

Here’s the worrisome part:

In a rematch with Georgia, it’s hard to see many of the dynamics changing up front. In Round 1, Auburn simply outclassed a younger squad of big men.

To generate offense against Auburn requires dropping back and making the linebackers worry about covering routes in the middle or attacking the cornerbacks down the sidelines, when they’re isolated by coverages that involve the safeties in the run game. The Tigers tend to play things pretty basic and rely on strength and athleticism, and while they occasionally present an enticing target for a run, it’s hard to beat their big DL or speedy secondary.

The Tigers play fast in basic schemes and always know what they’re about. You’re either going to outexecute them up front and hope their safeties don’t clean things up, or you outexecute them down the field in the passing game.

In the event of a rematch, even assuming Georgia’s head is in the game, if the lines don’t play better, the Dawgs won’t win.



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  1. Bright Idea

    Maybe the OLine will play better with even a hint of trying to keep the defense off balance. Sure they have to execute but pass blocking against good pass rushers is much tougher on 3rd and nine. So is run blocking up the gut against a Bear front with safeties playing like LBers. The Auburn game wasn’t the first time we’ve seen this but they forgot to get out of the way of Chubb and Michel.


    • Huntindawg

      Bingo. When the other team knows your first and second down play are up the middle runs it makes it a bit easier to defend. You saw the difference in the first series. That first series was gorgeous and worked. So apparently it made obvious sense to those much smarter than me to abandon that strategy and start running it up the middle, running it up the middle, pass, punt.

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      • doofusdawg

        Of the five plays shown in the article both runs were on first or second down and all three passing plays were on third down. Makes it a little easier to call defensive plays as you note.


      • Didn’t we cover this yesterday? We threw more than we ran on first down after the first drive. We ran 12 times on second down and threw it 8 times in second down. We actually did better ypp when we ran on those downs than when we tried to throw.

        Rather than pretending you have a clue, look at the actual facts:


        • MLB2

          What you like to see Chaney do in a rematch? I ask because I’m curious if a PAC 12 “basketball on grass” approach might compensate for the O-line deficiency.


          • You can’t do much of anything if you can’t block. There really isn’t an effective offensive plan for when your OL is a sieve.

            You can chuck and duck, but usually that puts you in a worst position as far as three and outs, hits on the qb and time management. Moreover, we really only have one guy that is dangerous one on one and that’s 6. The rest of the guys are good vs. zone coverage but they aren’t vs. man which puts us in a tough spot.

            We’ve got to get the inside running game going. Two things really helped their front Saturday. One was that it was very cool. The other was that they spent a lot of time on the bench resting

            It won’t be hot, but it will be 10 to 15 degrees warmer in the dome. Hopefully we won’t be giving them gifts either.

            One thing I’d like to see us do is more outside zone reads, more jet sweeps and a reverse or two. They need to make that front run and run often early. Soften them up east west and see if that helps the north south game. One thing I think we all should know is that we ain’t winning by just passing on early downs. We’ve got to run the damn ball or die trying.

            Because I really don’t watch anything but us, I didn’t realize how much Kevin Steele is running an Alabama-like defense. They really are playing with a four man rush and manning up on the recievers. It’s what we’ve done all year to everybody else.

            The nickname for that defense is “dude defense.” In other words, whose got the best “dude” because that’s whose gonna win the battle. It isn’t about play calling or scheme. You’ve got to beat the guy across from you. The most the coaches can do is try and make them work a little harder by getting those big guys breathing hard.

            Usually, you’ve got to throw to open up the run against those kind of teams. I just don’t know that we can do that. Our QB/receiver combo isn’t good enough as far as I can see.


            • DawgFlan

              Your quote:

              One thing I’d like to see us do is more outside zone reads, more jet sweeps and a reverse or two. They need to make that front run and run often early. Soften them up east west and see if that helps the north south game.

              I remember Lane Kiffin as Alabama OC using this strategy in big games at Bama. Early in the game the play calls would be heavy on East-West runs, swing passes to RBs, WR screens, etc. They wouldn’t get a lot of yards at first, but once the DL and LBs were gassed they would run through them and throw over them at will.


              • And he stole it from Tom Herman and Urban Meyer. That’s what OSU did vs. Bama.

                You’ve got to eliminate the dumb penalties and the turnovers to give the “wear them down” tactic a chance. Who knows how that game turns out if we make them earn everything for four quarters?

                As it was it was the inverse of the 2006 game. We weren’t that good and they weren’t that bad, but on that day where their qb keeps chucking it at us, we looked like kings and they looked like a joke.

                We still lost to Vandy and UK that year and they ended up in the top 10. Shit happens.


                • Bonzdoc

                  I sat through that entire debacle with a wife in my asking why don’t they do this or that. Run outside, key sweeps, etc, won’t matter if we don’t execute on blocks. They are as fast as us. Out running them won’t work. We can run up the middle, outside, or anywhere else… only if we execute our blocking scheme. That did not come even close to happening on sat.


        • Facts can be really inconvenient to a commonly accepted narrative.


    • Fred Russo

      i tell ya man, men against boys in the trenches.


  2. Uglydawg

    Still, the Dawgs would have a chance…Auburn played their perfect game. Georgia played their faceplant game. I also felt Auburn was allowed to hold on the edges which gave them some huge plays early.
    Also, the announcers even pointed out many penalties not called on Auburn..such as PI, D holding, Facemasks and at least one Personal Foul.
    The mistakes made by Georgia were enough to doom us. The ref’s threw gas on the fire.
    In a rematch, Georgia would HAVE to open up the throwing game. That means the O line would need to protect Fromm.
    I agree Auburn is the more mature and physical team up front. But Georgia did everything it could to help them even more.
    And I’ll never agree that Cheney’s scheme for that game was good. The worst part is he never changed it until garbage time.


    • atlasshrugged55

      It’s not Chaney’s scheme, it’s Kirby’s. Unless Kirby directs Chaney to run a different scheme or come up w/ a more wide open game plan we’ll continue to see too many “up the gut” plays.

      Kirby, & staff, have to adjust to the talent at hand & not coach based upon the talent Kirby was accustomed to having at Bama. Short of that we’ll “impose our will” on those w/ less talent & struggle vs those w/ equal or greater talent.

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      • doofusdawg

        Auburn never had to defend more than half the field. When we ran up the middle they had eight guys within five yards of the ball carrier. When we threw they new which way the pass was going based on the flow of our offense after the snap. I don’t know why in the hell we can’t run a play with some misdirection.

        As far as the pass blocking we have been creamed by defensive line stunts and twists all year. Whether this is Guilliards fault or Pittman’s I have know idea but it is responsible for most all of our sacks given up this year. Great article and comments.


      • Greg

        Mostly the way I see it too, last year was the same. Even when we seem to adjust/execute and move the ball…..we get out of sync. No ebb and flow…situational playcalling has been an issue (again). With all that said, the defense was the biggest issue for me. Auburn just took the fight out of them as the game went on. Smart needs to let the OC be the OC….if he does not trust him, find another or get out of the way.


  3. Geezus

    Passing plays between yards 0 and 10 in the middle of the field would be nice too. It’s much easier to stop (IMO) plays that are screens to the outside, run up the middle, throw a 10+ yard route to either sideline (over and over and over). Again, it seems that our tight-ends are being under utilized in the passing game. No fullback sets. Nothing from under center. We really didn’t give them any different things to think about.


  4. sUGArdaddy

    Every. Game. Is. A. Game. Unto. Itself.

    Yesterday doesn’t matter. Different moods. Different schemes. different stadium. different atmosphere. different play calls. different defensive sets.

    Play the game 100 times and you’d get a 100 different scores and outcomes.

    We wouldn’t have beat UT 41-0 saturday. But we didn’t play UT on Saturday. We played Auburn.

    Keep Choppin’.

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  5. paul

    I still don’t understand why we didn’t play Eason. He spent an entire season behind an offensive line that couldn’t block and he usually made the throws anyway.


    • UGA '13

      Gotta let the Freshman QB take his lumps in a game you can recover from as far as your goals are concerned. We were getting manhandled, and weren’t likely to come back after the terrible 3rd quarter start. Jake gets the experience of playing a full, rough game in the hole, Kirby shows him that the coaching staff is behind him even when things aren’t going well, and he has a chance to show his resolve and lead the team to a touchdown on the final drive. Can’t replicate that in practice or in blowout wins, 100% behind the decision to stick with Fromm.

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    • The other Doug

      For switching QBs to work we would have had to do it in the 2nd qtr or first drive of the 3rd. After that the game was over and there was no use in shaking Fromm’s confidence.

      I do hope we see Eason play this weekend. We might need his deep ball in the CCG.


      • paul

        I would have inserted him about halfway through the second quarter. Fromm was clearly rattled and there was still a chance for a comeback at that point. Nothing against Jake, it wasn’t his fault. It just wasn’t his day. Unfortunately, it was pretty obvious Kirby was done by the half. The inexplicable play calling and his inexcusable explanation of such on his way to the locker room pretty much screamed “this game can’t end soon enough.”


        • Otto

          I don’t think Fromm is the problem, the Line and absence of misdirection, and a shorter passing game were the problem in my opinion. Changing the QB doesn’t help you run against a stacked box, pass plays that take longer to develop than your QB has time in the pocket isn’t on the QB.

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          • Geezus

            I believe the shorter passing game was necessary to lessen the time the routes take to develop, i.e. reduce the amount of time Fromm has to hold the ball. Auburn sat on whatever passes we tried because 90+% of them were to the sideline (short or long).

            That’s how you protect a young quarterback, you throw to the sidelines so that he doesn’t have to read but one side of the receiver (sideline closes the other side). They knew the he was throwing to the boundaries and shaded their secondary to cover inside-out. The “inside” part of that allowed the safeties to crash down on all the runs up the middle. The middle of the field underneath was open a high % of the time.


            • Otto

              I am not disagreeing with your point. Fromm seems to me to have earned himself the ability to be trusted with the chance of making such throws.

              Auburn is not unbeatable but it seems the offense did not adapt to capitalize. UGA lost by 23 and gave up essentially 14 on turnovers, and had very good chance at minimum 1 more TD. The gap isn’t as far as many are freaking out.

              We will have to wait to see if the staff can put together the game plan to capitalize in a rematch assuming Auburn wins out.


        • Otto

          I will also remind posters that I defended Eason stating that we didn’t have a large enough sample size of his playing time to determine how much or little he improved over last year.


  6. gastr1

    Please, no one ever talk about holding ever again. It doesn’t exist and hasn’t for several years. That big run Sony had against UF? Our h-back tackled the DL to help open the hole. (I think it was Woerner.) Can we get that out of the way now?

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  7. gastr1

    Also, why do people think we’d do better against Alabama in the SEC championship if line play was the issue versus Auburn? Is Alabama a little weaker on the lines than usual this year? (Haven’t watched them play yet.)


    • MDDawg

      Judging by how Miss St played Bama last weekend, Bama looks pretty beatable. Plus (I believe) their offense has less misdirection in it, so our D would likely perform better against the Bammers than the Barners.


  8. Biggus Rickus

    I’m not convinced Georgia can’t block them. They weren’t ready for Auburn’s intensity Saturday, and they got whipped, but I don’t think it’s as big a mismatch up front as it appeared.

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  9. kfoge

    2 things that disturb me: (1) 3rd and 1 and you are in a shotgun. Please use the I formation. Also, do we ever run a screen pass to a RB? I don’t mean a bubble screen to a RB in motion. When their DL was beating our OL, why not use that against them and run a screen.


  10. Rebar

    While everyone is harping on the lack of open holes from our offensive line, no one is mentioning that our defense got their asses kicked. If we have a rematch with Auburn, somebody better light a fire under our defense.

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  11. If the OL can just not get their asses whipped and hold their own and if we cut out the penalties and fumbles that extend drives and cause us to defend more and more plays, we’ll be ok.

    As I said before the season, we don’t have to be a dominant OL, we just have to be credible. They weren’t that Saturday. They got their asses flat whipped.

    The crazy thing was that even when we got a push, the backs never spit out the other side. I think it was just a really, really bad day and I like our chances whoever shows up in a couple weeks.

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    • 92 grad

      You think Kirby and Chaney will set up a different game plan for a championship game vs. a season game? Some questions like Fromm vs. Eason or using more passing plays may be better answered when the game is all or nothing, I think. Kirby specifically said that passing wasn’t called for out of concern of injury to Fromm.

      I still think beating Alabama or auburn is a low percentage proposition but I hold out hope that a winner takes all approach may give us a better chance.


  12. Hillbilly Dawg

    “just plain old crappy execution in every phase of the game”
    I think that pretty much covers the game.


  13. MDDawg

    “If the lines don’t play better, the Dawgs don’t win.” This has been my concern about a rematch as well. I don’t think you suddenly become stronger on the O-line and D-line in the course of a couple of weeks. I think UGA would still lose to Auburn in Atlanta, just not as badly as we did last week.


    • The d-line had to play a lot more snaps than they should have had to because of the dumb penalties and the fumbled punt. Much more worried about our OL.


      • southernlawyer11

        yep, reduce the number of plays the defense has to go right back out, yes play a little better too and all of a sudden THEIR D line becomes the winded one and things begin to open up offensively. In this regard, football can very much be a zero sum game.


  14. DawgPhan

    Clean up the penalties and the turnovers and the game is different enough for you to have a chance. Those penalties that extend drives are basically turnovers.

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  15. Russ

    Well hell, let’s just give Auburn the title now and cancel the rest of the season! And let’s find those imposters that lost to Clemson and LSU, and struggled against Mercer.

    Auburn definitely out executed us last Saturday. If they played like that every week, they won’t lose. I’m betting they don’t play like that next time, simply because it’s nearly impossible to play perfectly every time you play.

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  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Seems to me it could’ve been a very different game if a few things had gone our way instead of awbie’s. Particularly if we revert back to the season-long mean when it comes to execution. The Walker and Sony 15 yard penalties, the Hardman fumble, and the two incomplete long passes come to mind immediately. Take some of the mistakes away and its a much closer ballgame. My point is, this has not been a team that shoots itself in the foot as happened last Saturday. That’s an outlier. There’s no reason to surmise this team gets curb stomped in the new dome.

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    • The Truth

      Couldn’t watch the game live, and erased the DVR when I got home. Was not aware Walker had a PF — that’s absolutely not an outlier. It’s run til you learn, puke, or quit time for Walker — he’s had a number of PFs in his time at UGA that hurt us.


      • It wasn’t a late hit. It was that stupid leaping rule.


        • DoubleDawg1318

          the rule is perfectly reasonable and extremely obvious. Really no excuse for getting flagged for that.


          • Otto

            Agree with the rule or not, the player has to expect getting called for it and it was obvious. Agreed Smart should be running the kid.

            I do not understand why the leap is illegal but the Bush push mob ball is legal.


            • AusDawg85

              Leaping to a height of 2 or 3 feet then falling in a downward fashion could injure an opposing player not watching you leap above him; whereas one can just be trampled by 7 or 8 linemen if you fall under the push pile. I hope that helps you understand the rules better.

              Next week we’ll explain why chop blocking is legal for the triple option.


    • ViewsfromtheSouth

      Oddly Georgia’s rank in flags isn’t that great, I think the reason it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal though is because most of the time, it hasn’t been crippling outside of two games (like getting 15 yard penalties to extend drives). One game in which should’ve been a 10-14 point Georgia win but it turned into survival mode because of multiple dumb personal fouls and the last game where flags and the muff contributed to a meltdown.

      I think the last game is 2012 SCAR all over again and it’ll be forgotten in the long haul outside of when Auburn fans want to tease.


  17. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    clearly the first reads were elsewhere, but on both of those last two clips in the article, Javon Wimms was wide open when he threw elsewhere. On the pass to the RB, Wimms was open, for a first down on a drag route.

    on the next play, from the bunch, he breaks wide open to the sideline.

    those weren’t the first reads pre-snap I presume, but Fromm never saw them.


    • greg63

      After watching all the games this year after getting home Wimms should be the 1st option on every passing play. He is a damn beast and we are underutilizing him. He’s gonna make some money in the NFL. For the life of me I can’t understand why every team we play in the SEC has 2-3 WR with this body type and UGA is lucky to have one.


  18. Doggoned

    It’s the line(s). Same story for several years. Not quick enoug, not strong enough, not big enough, generally, to complete with elite athletes on a strong team. Look at the clips: Auburn hadinstant penetration on defense; we had none. Stidham’s handoffs were in slow motion, because he almost always had time to look over the developing play. Two more years of recruiting.


  19. DoubleDawg1318

    I actually felt a little encouraged after reading that. I fully trust this staff to work on executing and recruit bigger and better dudes more than I trust them to make drastic schematic changes. Given that Kirby appears to be taking a bite out of Auburn’s ability to poach Georgia talent, I figure we’ll be alright in the coming years vis a vis Auburn.


  20. zdawg15

    difference for me is that Auburn gets pressure with 4. Dawgs can’t. Game changer.


  21. It reminded me a lot of the 2003 SEC Championship game against LSU.

    A D Line full of NFL guys just whipped ass.


  22. Will Trane

    We get off 2 passes on opening drive, and that was it. So what changed. Nothing except the Auburn defense.
    Who adjusted?
    I looked at Boyd’s clips. That is what you do at SB, fit the clips to your story and make everybody get on board with you. BS!
    Watch Fromms back foot in those clips. He is not a legit pocket passer and may not have the arm. His balls are flat and not out quick. In a pocket does not mean you sit there or move up. It means your feet have to create better passing lanes to get the ball out, hell, after all you should know the route and timing. But that could be a stretch when you never throw and you keep your offense all season in first gear.
    Will say it again. We have no damn passing game. How many reps have we had. Fromms, whatever the hell stats they are, passer’s rating are pure BS. He could not move the offense with his passing skills.
    Fall into that trap and mind set your line is not good enough to pass block. Well,, they are if you do not do it more than Chaney or Pittman has done it last year and this year.
    I think you are stupid if your mind set as a coach is you have to run first to be able to pass. All that tells me is you can not coach; you have not worked hard enough off season and during the season on your passing game; and you do not have a pass play book.
    Now Chaney came out of Purdue. They threw the damn ball. The tigers went over the top with that long pass play…that was the play that nailed the dawgs for good.
    Mel Gray [as I have seen posted] or Mel Tucker…look man, if Auburn could shut us down, why in hell can your defense not shut down Auburn. Kirby is right about tackling. That issue is on you Mel. You wanted to be a SEC DC, damn man man up to being one.
    Where Chaney and Tucker stands will be reflected in the Kentucky game.
    Shut them down. Also, throw the damn ball on their secondary, and those are not little players on their side. Find out now how far you came in a week re your receivers going up and getting the ball and separation. Lot of timing in football…same for runs as for pass. When you throw the ball on the same level as Arkansas or Paul at Tech…well, hell, you are bound to look like you did against Auburn. They not only crowded the line to close gaps but did that also to stop the passing. So where is your passing game.
    If you have to look at some “old Ball Coach schemes, and throwing out of the pocket” because what you are doing now it only takes one player from UF, one from USC, and a couple from AU in the secondary to shut you down. They do not need coaching or prep, they can see and adjust on the fly.


  23. DB

    If we can’t block then roll Fromm out on throwing downs. Didn’t Cheney coach a guy named Crompton that did that to us?


  24. Hal Welch

    Fair enough, but a pretty sophomoric explanation. If Ian were the expert he wouldn’t be making $60ger a year writing. He’d be pulling a half coaching minimum.

    Bottom line is we got jumped. A young team got too full of itself and everything that could have possibly gone wrong did. Most of which was self inflicted. Add the two touchdowns we dropped and we have 24. Remove the three we handed them and they have 19. From there it’s just a classic battle.

    But none of that happened and we got our assess whipped, which we probably needed. I’m hoping they beat Bama and we see them again. That’s when a young team could really take a huge step forward.

    This is still a damn good football team.


    • Mike Cooley

      I mostly agree. But I can’t understand this description of us as a “young team”. You aren’t the first person I’ve seen saying this. Our top two running g backs are seniors. Our starting left tackle is a senior. Thomas and Fromm are both freshmen (Swift isn’t a starter) but there is loads of experience on offense. On defense this description makes even less sense. Carter, Bellamy, Dominic Sanders, and Aaron Davis are all seniors. Natrez and Roquan are both juniors. Trenton Thompson has been starting for three years now and all the other D linemen are second year starters. We are not a young team. Which dovetails i to my next point. Why do so many people keep saying g we are a year away? Do they not see what we will be losing to graduation and the NFL? We better win all we can now because next year will be a semi rebuilding year. On defense for sure.


      • Hal Welch

        You’re young when key components you’re calling on in huge moments are young. Are there seniors? Sure. Vets? Yep. Did a senior muff that punt? Nope. Did a senior jump the punt shield? Nope. Did a senior drop a sure fire touchdown pass? Nope. Did the right guard and tackle that got whipped all day have more than ten games under their belts? Nope. Did the QB who i thought played decent all things considered have more than ten starts? Nope. Having seniors here and there is great, and no doubt we wouldn’t be where we are without them. But all in all we’re still a very young team lead by a very young head coach. We’re going to be fine.


  25. Auburn played their game of the year. They were able to exploit a number of things other teams could not,cause they are better. Rematch? Would be a lot closer.


  26. Will Trane

    For once I would like to see a Georgia team totally beat the fucking hell out of a Florida, an Auburn, a Bama, or LSU.
    Tired of seeing an Auburn D line that on a fairly re-occurring basis dominate a Georgia offensive line to the point of embarrassment.
    That is all you hear from sports blog, players at other schools, and the sports media.
    That passing game. No doubt every team in Georgia’s top 10 7A classification have a better passing game than Chaney, and those coaches go thru new players every year. They do not get to select their roster. It is what comes up they coach up and work with.
    If Auburn puts an 8 man box and you have a QB set back in the shotgun with a five man front and one back or TE or FB for extra blocking, then tell me why your routes and receivers can not get beyond that front and on their secondary. If you are even coming of the line against them why can you not get separation and to the ball.
    Chaney’s passing plays….basic package…slant or hand off to a RB who then flips the ball back to Fromm to throw the ball deep. Yep that way those 8 guys up on your front just buy in to a pass play. Don’t think that worked lately.
    Eason vs Fromm. Every SEC team Chaney played this year his frosh QB saw last year. And this year he has a little more depth and quality on the line.
    So here is where I wonder what is going on. Eason saw those defenses. One year of experience. Two springs. Two falls. One bowl, against TCU. A QB who can spin the ball…to the point he pulled your fat out of the fire twice last year. Missouri and Tennessee. Unfortunately, wearing the uniform on the field was not fully coached up.
    Sorta like you can not leap of the defenders on punt coverage. Remember that penalty was not the first time we have ever had that against Auburn. Too the point Auburn now practices that with their scout team and a ref.


    • ViewsfromtheSouth

      What’s going on is 1. You don’t change what’s working and 2. Chaney doesn’t develop with QBs. Therefore, every single Eason problem was likely still a problem. Holding the ball too long, mechanical issues, etc.

      If your QB has mechanical issues with Chaney around, it’s good luck or go outside of the team because he doesn’t fix them.


      • ViewsfromtheSouth

        To continue (sorry that I didn’t put it in the above post), the ode of you don’t change what is working is seriously true. That’s how Dak Prescott is the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo is in the booth with Jim Nantz.

        But yes, Eason’s main issue was mechanical and that was not getting fixed by Jim Chaney looking at his past history, outside of Brees.


  27. ViewsfromtheSouth

    Test (because of my dang computer freezing and logging me out of everything)

    To not make this a useless post, Clemson is #2 in that poll and that is a joke.


  28. kckd

    I’m not too big on predicting future outcomes based on one game. I’ve seen enough to know UGA can play better on their Offensive and Defensive lines and that Auburn can play worse. Most blow outs involving teams of equal talent are more due to a snowball effect when things start going bad than one team actually being that much better than the other in terms of play. I’m very confident we won’t see the Georgia team from Saturday in Atlanta in December.


  29. Mayor

    I appreciate that we are analyzing what went wrong in the game against Auburn but that game is over. We likely will not be playing Auburn again this season cause Bama is going to beat Auburn’s ass we but definitely will be playing U.K. this weekend. Just sayin.’


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