He’s a handful.

Good article here on Pro Football Focus’ season grades for the Alabama-Georgia matchups.  While I think you’d have to say that overall ‘Bama has an advantage, for the most part, things aren’t that lopsided.  There are certainly areas that Georgia has the opportunity to exploit.

But there is one matchup that freaks the hell out of me.

Screenshot_2018-11-28 UGASports com - PFF Matchup Georgia vs Alabama

Quinnen Williams is ridiculously dominant.

Now, Quinnen Williams is as unblockable of a defensive tackle as you may ever see in an Alabama uniform. He has 23 run stuffs this season, and is just 4.5 tackles behind Dylan Moses for the team lead, an incredible accomplishment for a player at his position.

Georgia is going to have to be creative with its run blocking if it hopes to have any success running the ball between the tackles (although I have to admit there’s a part of me that says, why bother).

And that’s just running plays.  Here’s the rest of Williams’ resume.

The match-up to watch here is Georgia senior offensive center Lamont Gaillard against Alabama nose tackle Quinnen Williams. Gaillard has allowed five quarterback pressures and one sack in 282 pass blocking chances. Williams, on the other hand, has 38 quarterback pressures and eight sacks. For the Bulldogs to have success here, Gaillard is going to have to play the game of his life.

No shit.

For a nose tackle to have those kind of numbers is insane.  As disruptive as DaRon Payne was in the national title game, you can make a good argument without too much effort that Williams is going to be an even bigger challenge Saturday.  Gulp.


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  1. James Stephenson

    And to me Payne was the reason UA won last year. UGA had no answer for him and it killed me.

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  2. Biggen

    Payne really hurt us last year. I’m glad he is gone but not excited to see Williams.


    • old dawg

      I remember Payne throwing Ben Cleveland to the side like a rag doll…IIRC,that was 1 second before Fromm was rushed on his throw that bounced off a helmet for an interception… 😦


  3. gastr1

    It seems like every year Alabama has someone step into the “unblockable run stuffer” role. If we’re ever going to beat them we’re going to have to neutralize this player, in my opinion.


  4. Payne was a one man wrecking crew last year. He was the only guy in 2017 that our GCG truly had no answer for.

    This doesn’t make me feel better.


  5. Jack Burton



  6. Biggus Rickus

    I’m not convinced Williams has the ability to dominate Georgia’s line the way Payne did. I think he’s more like the extremely good interior players at Auburn. I guess we’ll see on Saturday.


    • Greg

      same here, I believe he will be neutralized.


      • Macallanlover

        I wouldn’t go that far, but I agree with Biggus that he may be less impactful than Payne was. One reason for believing that is the film we have on what Payne did to disrupt us so much. I have to think we will attack differently, and use a blocking scheme to get Gaillard more help. Still, pounding the middle will be even more fruitless for us this week so I hope we don’t stay stubborn about that being our lead punch all night or we face all night behind the chains.


        • Greg

          I just did….Payne was a 1st rounder. At this point, Williams is not. My eyes tell me that our OL is better than a year ago, so is Galliard. Williams is just one guy…just like Josh Allen.


          • ASEF


            Williams is definitely a first rounder, probably top 10. Right now, he’s moved ahead of Ed Oliver as the top interior DL in the draft.


  7. AusDawg85

    Run at him, early and often. Wear him down with double teams and Holyfield. Make him chase other plays. He may stuff the running game early but it will keep him off of Fromm who is excellent on 3rd down when not pressured.


  8. Aladawg

    Yep and DaRon owned Lamont. Sheesh!


  9. tbia

    Not stated by anyone, but my eyes tell me this. Williams got banged up in the MSU game, and has been less dominant the two games since. We may not be seeing the best QW.


    • Jt10mc (the other one)

      He got blindsided by the Citidal and knock ed clean on his face. Had to leave the game. He is blockable.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      In last week’s aubie game, I wondered why all the hype for Williams. I don’t recall seeing him do very much. And that’s against aubie’s OL! I thought Raekwon Davis had the best game of all bama’s DLs – similar to our Tyler Clark going sideline to sideline.

      Having said that, I’m sure someone is going to emerge from the woodwork and snarkily ask what game I was watching re Williams’s performance.


  10. Seattle Dawg

    In loses, often something is working and something isn’t, but Chaney often has difficulty determining which is which. He routinely chose the wrong RB. Chubb just ran up the middle again for a one yard gain. Payne with the tackle.

    See also passing instead of running (LSU)


  11. GruvenDawg

    I am so excited and yet nervous at the same time for this game. I came into the season thinking we would lose to LSU and we were a year away from taking down Bama. How the team responded after the LSU loss makes me think we can win this game. This Dawg team has something special about it, they have something to prove, just like last years SEC championship game.

    The matchup I am most worried about is Quinnen Williams. I think Williams for Bama is the matchup that might kill us and I am not sure we have a backup plan. We are on our third string guard who is also our backup center. If Galliard struggles with Williams (every center in the SEC has struggled with him) it’s much harder to move Hill to center to give more beef at the spot. If we do move Hill to center that would mean we are putting our 4th string Guard Salyer in. I don’t see any way Kirby and Pittman want two true freshman starting on the o-line against Williams. As good as Jordan Davis has been this year I don’t think you can simulate Quinnen Williams in practice. Our coaches had this same type of issue last year with Auburn V1 and had Big Ben ready to go for SECCG. .

    I assume we respond like we did vs Auburn in the SECCG by running to the edges, quick passes to the flat, bubble screens, and perhaps rolling the pocket in first and second quarter. Hopefully at some point in the third quarter after having two large humans double team him all game Williams will get tired.

    I think the Dawgs play their heart out and play the best game of the year, the coaches put them in the right position to win. David vs Goliath according to some. That’s why you play the game. GATA

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    • Greg

      Galliard is having an outstanding year, he will be a pro imo. Williams is no Payne, he is also a sophomore. Not that concerned about putting a freshman (now experienced) on him if needed. I believe Williams weighs 289, don’t feel that “more beef” is needed. Thinks Galliard handles him.

      Nonetheless, nice comments.

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  12. Strategy for Mr. Williams


  13. TMC DAWG

    Run their defense to death. Use hurry up offense , play to your strengths. We got a shot in this game, Kinda feels like the LSU game . No one was giving us a chance that day either.


  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    I still don’t feel so good.


  15. TXBaller

    Galliard was destroyed in NC game….he is 10x better this year and will get vindication. But…needs some guard help v Williams. Big Sam/Jim got a plan…I trust!


    • He was great last year until facing Payne. Payne whipped his ass, but Lamont is fine. It was just a night where the other guys was better and there was no way to hide it.


  16. Gurkha Dawg

    I remember Payne knocking down Chubb with one arm. Didn’t think that was physically possible. My response was: “Oh Shit…”


  17. Jt10mc (the other one)

    Williams is a beast. What those numbers tell me is he has played at a high level throughout the season although the Citidal of all teams was able to run on them.
    I would be curious to what our numbers look like the past five games for Gaillard. If Gaillard is as good as advertised and a NFL draft pick well he needs to show he can handle an NFL level NT. I think he does.


  18. Game of his life or just do what he’s been doing. One fits the narrative and the other doesn’t, I get it. Jesus! I’m ready for the game to start just so I can stop seeing this stuff. Why are we even ranked #4 if it’s gonna take the game of a lifetime, our best shot, the perfect game, a miracle etc? ((Puke))


    • GruvenDawg

      I don’t think it requires the game of our lifetime, our best shot, etc. I think a highly motivated team comes out and plays the way we all think they are capable of playing. Bama has proven over and over you better show up and you better not take your foot off the gas for 60 minutes if you want to beat them. I think we can, we have a damn good team and one that has responded better than I expected them to this year. We don’t have to be perfect, we just need to play our game and see who blinks first.I think after the LSU game it’s not going to be our coaches or our players.


  19. Clayton Davis

    Always important to keep running, even if it doesn’t pay off in yards. It will pay off by keeping the defense constantly accountable for the run, and it will tire out a defense physically more than a short passing game.


  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    They’ll have Quinnen Williams’s meds fully adjusted for the game. Let’s see if Gaillard and/or the guards can cause him to go roid rage.

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  21. 209

    For the first quarter run Q. to death. Right then left then etc. He will slow down. When he does get a little winded then run right at his soon to be multi-millionaire ass.


  22. nightnthebox

    I’m scared shitless for this game… seriously, I checked my shit gauge this morning, and the needle is buried on E… bone dry, and the shit-fumes are almost gone.
    I was excited for last year’s NC and was feeling just lovely at halftime, smiling, winking, all that shit… but that was before I understood The Tua.
    And the Well-Seasoned and Lightly Seared Tua is twice as good as last year’s Raw Tua.
    We could easily get our asses straight-up handed to us with a handshake and a smile if we don’t play a VERY good game.
    Go Dawgs.