Boom, keep your powder dry.

Somehow, South Carolina managed to get shut out yesterday by a team that finished the regular season with overtime losses to Georgia Tech and a team that didn’t have a winning record.

At least the ‘Cocks now enter their favorite time of year, the offseason of content.


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20 responses to “Boom, keep your powder dry.

  1. Russ

    They are an embarrassment to the SEC.

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  2. Derek


    That said it looked like Mendenhall has changed the culture in Charlottesville.

    We better be ready for the opener in 2020.


  3. Dawg19

    I always say that I don’t pull for other SEC teams in bowl games, I pull for them to not make the SEC look bad. South Carolina failed miserably at that yesterday.

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  4. ASEF

    Shut out. By a middling ACC team. That’ll leave a mark.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Yeah, SC sucks, but they didn’t have to suck that bad. You don’t have to win, but at least show up.


  6. Puffdawg

    Just an emotional hang over after just barely missing out on SEC Championship game.

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  7. Dawg1

    I saw a graphic that they literally had 11+ defensive starters out for the game. Basically UVA vs. USCe Second Team D. Hard to win that way.


  8. I think UVA rallied mentally after that choke job against Va Tech.


  9. barneydawg

    Give it two weeks and the delusional Lamecock fans will be back to pumping sunshine and reigning as permanent August SEC champs. No embarrassment is great enough to bring them to reality. They have the most die-hard, dedicated and delusional fans in the world. They can always find a diamond in a giant cow turd, maybe that is a good way to go through life….or maybe they should demand better.

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  10. Mary Kate Danaher

    “Offseason of content.” Tremendous turn of phrase, Senator. Well done.


  11. Spike

    We always get the Cocks best shot, why not UVA? I’ll say it again.. that asshole Muschamp is the most overrated coach around.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    SC has very little depth in talent. Spurrier did not leave Muschamp much in the senior and junior class pipeline.

    With the number of players out, it is not a surprising outcome.


  13. Macallanlover

    Yet many fell for the “hard to win early in the season at Willy B”. I guess CBS must have started that craziness to drum up ratings, ESPn was sure shoveling the cow piles themselves. And their QB is thinking of leaving early for the NFL? Guess their fans are at the beginning phase of waking up to the reality that Boom isn’t going to do what SOS couldn’t. Go concentrate on baseball.


  14. UGA '97

    Best part here is putting the spotight on this garbage no show and not on the Gators. Well done.