Thursday morning buffet

Dig in, peeps.

  • Bud Elliott writes about when coaches know to give up on continuing to recruit a kid.
  • Boom’s cannon misfires.
  • “… I’ve never represented the University of Nebraska as legal counsel, and I’ve never held myself out as doing so.”
  • The rhythm of Signing Day.
  • David Hale argues offseason momentum isn’t really a thing.
  • Patrick Garbin takes a look back at Georgia recruiting, pre-Kirby.  His piece reaffirms two longstanding impressions I have:  Dooley was mailing it in his last two or three seasons and Donnan had the players to win a lot more than he did.
  • “This is why offensive lineman shouldn’t be allowed to play high school basketball.”


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31 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Ellis

    At this point there is no reason to ever give up on recruiting a player. Recruiting now doesn’t end until a player has used up all of his eligibility. It will be interesting to see if additional staff is added or how current staff duties change in this new day of college football free agency.


  2. Man, that 2000 team was a massive underachieving group.

    Also, what else can you say about the 2013 class? Just an absolute disaster.


    • TXBaller

      At the time, most of ya thought Richts recruiting was over the top…..his overall ranking over the documented 35+ years not as advertised.

      Love BIG 55…..dont come into my middle!!!


  3. Bright Idea

    Good piece by Hale. Most kids these days won’t dwell on what happened last January when Labor Day rolls around. Momentum is a fickle thing, so it’s best to have good players who have been coached up but the ball still can bounce funny.


  4. Russ

    Best comment about that OL playing basketball: “I got 5 fouls and I’m going to use them. Question is, can you take all 5?” 🙂

    I wonder if he could do that to our dunking DL recruit (I believe it was Trezman Marshall, but I couldn’t find the video)?


  5. I’ll tell you one thing that impresses me, its USA Today’s advertising technology. Looks like myspace threw up video all over the screen.


    • Russ

      Yeah, you have to really WANT to read a story on USA Today.

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    • Macallanlover

      Agree, got me as well. That ad stuff is getting so out of hand. I appreciate the “free” internet but now searches take so much more time to filter past the ad related responses that come back before I get to the actual information I am looking for. I am looking for some service, or item, “near me” and I get things from Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas, etc. for pages before I get something from my own state, much less a nearby zip code. Crazy how that has spun out of control.


  6. That Bud Elliott article should have been titled “He’s Just Not into You.”


  7. Argondawh

    Can anyone tell me what in the hell has happened with Chip Kelly at UCLA. The guy wasn’t a bad recruiter at Oregon but damn rivals has him at 46th in class ranking after signing for 2019. 3 spots behind tech? He will be an OC in a couple of years at that rate.


    • DawgPhan

      Bruce Feldman sort of laid out the case against Chip Kelly on the latest Audible Podcast, which is pretty god week to week.

      They offered a really low number of kids. LIke 70ish.
      They offered those kids really late in the process.
      A lot of their contact attempts were phone calls and not texts, snap, im.

      UCLA and Kelly would like say they are being specific or selective with their offers, but the reality is that puts them way behind in the game for top talent.

      Send your questions to


    • ASEF

      Kelly got a show cause at Oregon in part for paying Lyles $25k, and the two of them spliced together a laughable set of old recruiting videos to try to justify it.

      Not questioning the ethics of it. Just noting that Chip Kelly, at the height of his powers and with the full force of Nike behind him, was fundamentally lazy enough to be paying small time influence brokers out of his personal account. The cover up was pretty lazy too. If he didn’t give a crap about recruiting then, it’s hard to imagine he has a new-found love for it.

      Between Larry Scott, Dan Guerrero and the USC’s revolving door of former players serving as Clown AD for a 4 year term, no wonder the P12 has fallen on such hard times.

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  8. Dante

    To this day I consider the mid-2000s Pro Bowl to be one of the most frustrating things to see as a Georgia fan. We had so many players from the Donnan era playing in those.

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  9. DawgPhan

    Not sure that using % of starters is a great metric for measuring how good recruiting was in a given year.


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Lest we forget, Dooley’s recruiting in his last years may have been somewhat impacted by woman trouble…..Jan Kemp….dontcha know?

    Maybe Vince dozed off, maybe he did not.


    • MagnusDawgus

      I think the money flowing from East Alabama across the Chattahoochee had a bigger impact on Dooley’s subpar recruiting in the latter part of the 80’s.


    • JCDawg83

      Dooley sold his soul to the devil for the win in Jacksonville in 1980. Georgia football has been cursed ever since then. Two close, heartbreaking losses in the two following Sugar Bowls, Herschel leaving early, Jan Kemp, Ray Goff’s tenure and the “5 points from an undefeated seaon” in 1992, Donnan’s great recruiting leading to nothing, the great “if only” years under Richt and now two late collapses against Bama to keep us from winning a national championship or advancing to the playoff.

      Until Dooley dies and the devil gets his soul Georgia is going to struggle to win a national championship.


  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    A couple of things about recruiting.

    1) In Vince’s day it was just an altogether different animal than it is today, and as others have noted there was also Jan Kemp which didn’t have to be that big of a problem, but The Georgia Way has deep roots and I’ll just leave that there.

    2) Yeah, Donnan had some players, and yeah, he might have achieved more, but one thing he did that no other coach did was beat a Spurrier coached Florida team. Any real Dawg fan needs to recognize that.

    3) Mark Richt was a great recruiter of so called skill position players, but Garbin’s metrics are goofy when it doesn’t account for balance. It’s nice when you have a lot of blue chips that play in the NFL, but when not many are O-line types, well, you know what happens.


    • 2) Yeah, Donnan had some players, and yeah, he might have achieved more, but one thing he did that no other coach did was beat a Spurrier coached Florida team. Any real Dawg fan needs to recognize that.

      Now do the Auburn game that followed. 😉

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    • Normaltown Mike

      Yeah, I think “% starters” isn’t helpful b/c even Vandy recruits a solid % of players that become starters every year.

      With CMR tho, I’d say its interesting he recruited slightly less effectively than Donnan. What would Donnan have done in 15 years? Hard to tell as 2K and QC was such a dumpster fire he lost all credibility. But if CMR hadn’t walked into such a stacked program, hafta think the 2002 SEC ring is doubtful (though of course 2005 is all CMR players so I’m not taking away from CMR)


    • Biggus Rickus

      I’m not sure winning one out of five over Spurrier is anything to brag much about. It proves Donnan was better than Goff, but then, so does everything else. Donnan made two catastrophic decisions in my opinion. The first was bringing in Qunicy Carter, though I don’t blame him for that one. Who could have predicted how dysfunctional he’d be? The second was hiring Kevin Ramsey as DC, for which I definitely blame him.


  12. “He said, ‘Do you actually charge people in California for stuff like this?’” Haselbach told NBC Bay Area. “He said, ‘Here in Nebraska, it would be highly unlikely we would charge on a case like this.’ He basically said we would tell [Washington] to delete [the video] and not talk to the girl again. I explained we do take these cases seriously and that’s why we’re investigating it.”