Ain’t played Central Florida.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you UCF AD Danny White and Mike Bianchi:

UCF athletics director Danny White has made it clear he’s only in the market for home-and-homes against Power 5 teams and is simply not willing to give up millions of dollars in home-game revenue to schedule two-for-ones. And even if he did offer up a two-for-one, it’s not as if Alabama or Florida would agree to play at Spectrum Stadium, where the visiting team only gets 3,000 tickets.

“There are schools where it doesn’t matter if it’s a home-and-home or a two-for-one,” White says. “If a school has enough resources and tradition with their fan base, I’m not naïve enough to think we’re going to get some blue-blood to come play in our 45,000-seat stadium when they only have 3,000 fans. … That’s just not happening. I’m not even trying to get those types of games because it’s not realistic.”

Yeah, that’s the ticket, Danny.  UCF isn’t scared to play Alabama.  ‘Bama is scared to play UCF in its home stadium.

It’s like Florida offering a two-for-one never happened.



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22 responses to “Ain’t played Central Florida.

  1. This guy is so dumb. He’s an excellent cheerleader for his program, but the complete lack of self-awareness for his past statements is foolish.

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    • Chi-town Dawg

      +1 exactly, it’s not like the blue bloods wouldn’t make so much money on the 2 for 1 that they “can’t handle” only getting 3k tickets. Please, this guy is delusional and besides the blue blood fans would easily get plenty of ticket tickets on the secondary market anyway.


      • The real story is that he doesn’t want all of the “UCF fans” to show their real colors in that disgusting orange and blue when FU would play in Orlando.


        • Lutz Dawg

          That is spot on. Most of the UCF fans I know are really Noles or Gators; but they cheer for UCF because they live in Orlando.


          • Tony Barnfart

            Kind of like all the orange that magically appears on the “memphis season ticket holder” 1 row over when UT is in town to play the tigers at the liberty bowl.


  2. They’re like the new Boise State.


  3. Greg

    Guess they can forever languish in mediocrity & watch the playoffs ….no matter what their record is.


  4. Russ

    About the only way I’d pull for UCF is if they played FU.


  5. Doug

    White’s attitude is a little like if I won $100 million or so in the lottery and proceeded to announce I would henceforth only be dating Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, no others need apply. Money or no money, I still don’t think Kate Upton or Genevieve Morton would be beating a path to my door. UCF needs to stop acting like the Alabamas and Clemsons of the world should be beating a path to theirs.


  6. Spike

    That’s some attitude from the National Champs.. with their tinker toy stadium.


  7. FlyingPeakDawg

    You guys have this all wrong. Danny is a sly as a fox. His offer to Bama/FL/FSU will be 2 for 1 when they agree to fund the stadium expansion for those extra tickets.


  8. Dawg19

    Yes, Alabama would never agree to a 2 for 1 that would require them to play on the road at a lesser Florida school.

    Oh wait…


  9. Mayor

    Seems to me this is an easy fix. UCF offers more tickets, say 10,000 (which is what opposing teams get in the SEC), to the Bamas and FUs of the world and they, in turn, work out a deal that levels off the $$ so UCF doesn’t get screwed financially. Then UCF goes there twice and Bama and/or FU come to Orlando once. Or they play in the Cutrus Bowl. Bigger venue. It’ll be like a bowl game. Everybody gets happy.


  10. 86BONE

    Let’s just send our boys in their red bonnets down there and punch them in the mouth one Saturday evening and we won’t have to listen to their chicken shit any longer.


  11. stoopnagle

    We are getting 4K tix for Texas in their 100k stadium. So whut now?