“(But) it’s not that simple…”

You know, it’s funny how an entire group of folks pulling down six- and seven-figure annual salaries to make big decisions as a matter of routine all profess to being completely bamboozled when it comes to player compensation.

Some coincidence, hunh?


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6 responses to ““(But) it’s not that simple…”

  1. sniffer

    a working group to explore the potential of financially compensating student-athletes for their name, image and likeness

    If I’m reading this right, the association would serve as a pass through for earnings the student-athlete generates. That’s 1099 territory for the student-athlete, isn’t it? And you can’t direct a 1099 contractor much nor provide direct benefits.


  2. Paul

    The only thing that will MAKE it complex is if the NCAA insists on being involved. They should just stay out of it. Let individual players hire their own agents and make their own individual deals for their own individual likeness and image. The marketplace gets what it wants, the players get what they can and we don’t have to waste our time trying to figure out what everyone ‘deserves.’ Not surprisingly, it will be just like the workplace all of us function in everyday. It will not always be fair but it is reality. Some will undoubtedly get screwed. Others will do quite well. That’s life. You live, you learn. These young adults need to figure how to make their way in this world just like everybody else.


  3. HotDawg

    You obviously don’t pay much attention to the shenanigans of big decisions in the Congress and the Senate, do you?


  4. Gaskilldawg

    Take yesterday’s post about Auburn. Revenues of $146 million. Only 12.5% going to scholarships and player meals. Over to $50 million going to Athletic department staff. The challenge is keeping that $50 million going to coaches and analysts.
    Hard to give the kids a bigger slices of the pie when Mom and Dad want it all for themselves.


  5. Will Adams

    You don’t understand because it’s not that simple…

    Seriously though, the thing that isn’t that simple is convincing everyone player compensation and NIL rights are difficult to understand. Any undergrad Econ student could solve that problem. But then the people who are making the big bucks probably wouldn’t be able to make as much.


  6. Obviously, the money in their bank account multiplies the complexity of the issue before them duh…