All things must pass.

Yesterday, Spencer Hall announced he was hanging up his blogging spurs.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve reached the end of EDSBS. It’s a change, and to say you can’t change is a lie in multiple directions. One lie assumes that you won’t have incentive to change, that you can’t. That might be true. It also assumes what is definitely a bigger lie: That life will give anyone a choice in the matter.

This has been a gift, all of it. It will stay that way, right here, preserved in internet amber. It will appear locked, but there will probably be places you can crowbar open if you want to trespass around a bit.

I will be somewhere else. (Not leaving the company! But not here at EDSBS, which is now closed.) I would say come visit us, but that’s not accurate. Come visit me, because “us” stopped the minute I started this site and set my feed on a very long road of becoming an “I”. Whether I wanted it to happen or not, “I” eventually showed up to the party. So come visit me. I won’t be far.

Hall is a massively gifted writer, and while I can’t say he served as the inspiration for me opening this joint (folks like Kyle King and Paul Westerdawg get the blame for that, I’m afraid), the number of people on Twitter who told stories of Hall and Every Day Should Be Saturday — what a great name for a college football blog! — serving in that role was genuinely impressive.  That being said, he certainly shaped the field on which I’ve played for a while now.

As good as his authorship has been, in my mind Hall’s greatest contribution is his part in bringing general credibility to college football bloggery.  “New media” may sound old hat now, but back when I started GTP in 2006, the impression this little world garnered was a lot of snide nose-raising from people who muttered things about pajama-wearing denizens of their parent’s basement, capped by Stewart Mandel’s infamous dismissal of bloggers needing to shave and shower (which generated this hearty FU from Hall in response).

That particular shoe has long been placed on the other foot, as traditional media spots like Cox Media have embraced fan sites like Dawgnation and many newspapers have seen fit to let their reporters use blogs as a means of supplementing the way they reach out to their readership.  College sports themselves have accommodated new media in ways we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago.  I seriously doubt we’d have seen that develop as it has without Hall’s efforts.  He’s been influential in that regard, to say the least.

Still, I can’t help but feel a little wistful about his announcement.  There was something special about that early era of blogging when I took the plunge.  Back then, the medium was dominated by independent bloggers of whom there were sufficient numbers for mgoblog’s Brian Cook to organize a credible college football poll comprised solely of voting bloggers.

Speaking of Cook, here’s something he tweeted in the wake of Hall’s post.

There aren’t that many of us independents left these days.  Hall himself led that trend, as he helped build SB Nation into the blogging force it is now.  Odds are if you blog about college football today, you’re doing it within the confines of a national network, and if you’re not in such a place and you’re opining about the sport, you’re likely doing it on Twitter or a podcast.

It’s a different world now from what feels like a digital Jurassic Era, that’s for sure.  But we wouldn’t have access to the wealth of information about our shared passion and the often talented and engaging way in which that wealth is shared without the foundation laid in that earlier time.

All of which is to say I’m enormously grateful for all of Spencer’s contributions to the sport and the way we communicate about it.  If they ever come up with a College Football Blogging Hall of Fame, he’ll be a surefire unanimous first ballot winner.



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  1. We’ll always have Wilford Brimley.

    He’s a funny as shit guy and great writer.

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  2. Things certainly have changed, but change was the raison d’être of sports blogging.

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  3. The other Doug

    Not long after he started blogging I was sure one of the Florida papers would pick him up and he would be a modern Lewis Grizzard. His writing talent and wit are evident, but he also knew how to throw the perfect barb at the rivals. Imagine Spencer writing the weekly column instead of Bianchi.


    • Russ

      Hatin’ Ass Spurrier was one of my favorite bits, even when he was ragging on us.

      I must admit I hadn’t read it in a fairly long while (after he got assimilated?) but some of the early stuff was just classic. I used to pass it around to non-football friends and even they got a kick out of it.

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      • Brandon

        I’ll always remember his “there is always someone wrong on the internet” quote. I loved the “Ron Cherry is Officiating Ketamine” story he did when Notre Dame partially joined the ACC “your heart may belong partially to the ACC Notre Dame, but your mind is already fully lost to Ron Cherry”. So many classic posts on EDSBS, Sunsphere was a great recurring gag though I think Ryan wrote that. Two other quick remembrances I have are Spencer’s quote about Tommy Tuberville “never underestimate the slick game of Tommy Tuberville, he coached for almost a decade…at Auburn, any man who survived so long, under such conditions is a formidable strategist by any measure”, and his epic description of the 2017 SEC Championship game in which he described Jarrett Stidham and the effect of the Georgia defense upon him as “a man playing football in a blinding hail storm that only he could see”. l’audace, I’audace! toujours I’audace! Go ahead, have a drink buddy, you earned it.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I think Spencer wrote it; the piece on EDSBS after the 2007 Cocktail Party is the greatest exposition of profanity in the history of journalism. A Sistine Chapel of profanily! A Gettysburg Address of profanity! A Mona Lisa of profanity!

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  5. Tatum

    Not football related, but Spencer’s most memorable post for me was after Randy “Macho Man” Savage died. He described Macho’s voice as sounding like his vocal chords had been replaced with barbed wire. Who comes up with that?


  6. MGW

    What’s going on with SBNation? The CFB page hasn’t had anything new posted since BillC left.


  7. Reverend Whitewall

    Spencer also passed on the chance to break the Todd Gurley autograph scandal. He had been approached by the same guy (as had some others) and he passed on it out of principle, because he believes players SHOULD be able to make money off their likeness. I gained a measure of respect for him there – he could have gotten the credit for breaking the story, and, as a gator fan, knocked down his rival as well. But he basically told the guy to piss off instead, and stuck to his principles. That’s the mark of a good guy.

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  8. sniffer

    Thanks for the nostalgic trip down memory lane, Bluto. Thirteen years, huh? My recollection of those days of early blogging is the name Orson Swindle, “Hey Jenny Slater” (thanks Doug) and GTP. Started every day right there. Doug was intermittent and just when Swindle had gotten “stale” , he’d hit you with a piece about a Michigan player who referred to himself as a “fuck lion”. All good things end and one day, our friend, Senator John Blutarsky will leave office and become a lobbyist and write policy somewhere. That will be the saddest of days for me because it will all be gone then and I’ll have start my day somehow different than I have for low these many years (I been here since nearly the beginning). We love what you do, Blutarsky. Please, keep it up.

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    • JasonC

      Wow! Just “wow” and not necessarily in a good way. Yeah, talk about memories. I was living in Asia when a friend introduced me to T. Kyle King. That led to EDSBS with Orson Swindle, Doug, Holly the Vols fan and a few other pioneers. There was a key guy from Texas and the Souther Miss guy that is now much bigger (sorry, brain not at 100%). That gang was HUGE and you are 100% right, we aren’t where we are today without them. The media isn’t where it is without them (I mostly mean the good parts). I’m glad the Senator has endured.

      And yeah, H.A.S. was some funny shit. Miss that.


      • mp

        Your experience and path mirrors mine.

        Are you thinking of Peter Burns as the Texas guy and Matt Hinton as the Southern Miss guy (the original Dr. Saturday)?


        • JasonC

          Exactly, I later remembered Matt Hinton’s name, but had forgotten Peter Burns. And of course, as the Senator noted, Cook.


    • Brandon

      “The Poetry of Premature Trash Talk” on Hey Jenny Slater after the 2009 Tech game may be the funniest thing I ever read on the internet.


    • Faulkner

      Well said Sniffer. May good things never come to an end.


  9. The Truth

    Hatin’ Ass Spurrier alone was worth the price of admission.


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  10. I wasn’t a regular reader of EDSBS, but the guy could turn a phrase. If you linked to him, I generally read it.

    As Hogbody posted above, his post after the Celebration was priceless.

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  11. TimberRidgeDawg

    He’s going to be missed…

    One of my favorites was his campaign to write in Baby by Justin Bieber on an Auburn fan vote site as the song to be used for their football team intro video in 2010.

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  12. Biggus Rickus

    I understand why the corporatization of blogging happened. I mean, they rightly wanted to get paid for their efforts. But I really miss the independent era of the blogosphere.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Hey Biggus, go read the linked article by Spencer to Mandel and you’ll see your handle in the comment section.

      BTW, I used to chuckle when there was a guy that posted on here as “Biggus Dickus”


      • Biggus Rickus

        Wow. I was all over that one. I think that was Mayor as my brother, Biggus Dickus? I did find those amusing most of the time.


  13. 81Dog

    My 3 favorite Spencer pieces weren’t really even about football. One was about having to put his dog to sleep (made me cry), one was about growing up broke (made me think), and now, his explication of Free Bird, which made me laugh. Jim Valvano would have loved the guy’s work.

    Also, Hatin’ Ass Spurrier, in particular, was pure genius. I hope he keeps writing. I didn’t even mind that he was a Gator. Any guy who describes a Challenger Hellcat he was allowed to test drive as “pants shittingly fast” is the kind of wordsmith the world needs.

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  14. Al

    Don’t be gettin’ any ideas…


  15. DavetheDawg

    The “Wilford Brimley Bukkake Party” reference is seared upon my brain like a Cowboy’s brand. I still laugh when I put those two visuals together.


  16. Connor

    Spencer Hall is fantastic. The sport is poorer for his absence.


  17. HiAltDawg

    Spencer leaving makes me wonder “How Georgia is This Crime”! More than his blogging, he along with RangerUP t shirts on Twitter brought me some dang good entertainment in Social Media. His Florida Gator-ness kept me in check. Thanks for the Blog, Senator and the PlayPen (where the true ass clownery gets its own lane).


  18. Ben

    The first Hall post I remember reading was when he described LSU one time as a “werewolf with a chainsaw for a dick,” and I knew he was something special. I hated that he was a UF fan and had such disdain for the Dawgs, but I also respected the hell out of him because it was genuine, well-earned, never mean-spirited dislike.

    I’m eager to see where he pops up next.

    Also, I still have HJS in my feed reader on the off-chance it ever comes back. Doug’s takes always made the losses go down a bit easier.

    And of course, GTP is my first stop every morning; thanks for doing what you do, Senator.


  19. I actually think I discovered DawgSports first while I was still in college circa 2005 / 2006 and fell into EDSBS, GTP, and Doug at HJS during my first year in Atlanta in 2007. T. Kyle King’s writing inspired me to do a half-assed attempt at my own blog, but I realized ya’ll were much better at it than me so I gave up on that years ago.

    I think because I started following and interacting with these blogs heavily during that crazy and glorious 2007 season, it allowed me to share that season with what felt like so many more people than just my immediate circle of friends.

    EDSBS fell off the regular rotation a couple of years ago ago (the Commentariat became it’s own strange community that I couldn’t keep up with). As Hall’s presence has evolved at Vox through podcasts and non-football related pieces, I just started consuming those. However – I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Hatin’ Ass Spurrier and the Curious Index.

    Senator – GTP is still my first stop in the morning and multiple times throughout the day. I was happy we got to meet at Pat O’Brien’s last year while the mood was still good amongst Dawg fans. Once this site goes away, my production at work will probably increase tenfold and that’s probably the highest compliment I can pay you for keeping your indie cred.

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    • doiknowu

      I’m with you about the Commentariat. It appeared to me they thought they all had wits equal to Hall’s, but were only half right. It became a huge waste of time trying to plow through the seemingly endless parade of nothingness that followed a feature.


  20. Watcher16

    Aw I guess this means the Fulmer Cup is dying too 😦


    • EDSBS stopped with the Fulmer Cup after the Baylor rape scandal a few years ago made it too gross to make a joke about that stuff. There’s a group that still manages it on Reddit (I think), but Spencer and team backed away.

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  21. TimberRidgeDawg

    Didn’t Spencer originate the Fulmer Cup?


  22. Dad's Saturday Night Jeans

    CJK5H will live forever!


  23. Got Cowdog

    I’ve been missing out. I have to (hate to) admit I’ve read very little by EDSDS and had to google Hatin’ Ass Spurrier. This is some of the funniest stuff I’ve read in a long time. So I’m late to the party, but I’ll kill even more productive time with the archives.
    “SMART: [holding an avocado, just staring at it] This apple doesn’t taste good at all.” I can’t stop laughing


    • Normaltown Mike

      I only read EDSBS on a rare blue moon. They had waaaay too many folks in the comment sections with ongoing jokes/feuds which I found tedious.

      If you can find any of the videos they did, tho, they are worth a view.

      Spencer made one in Athens when he came over for a game. He is a funny ass guy and a good “gonzo journalist/Hunter S. Thompson” stream of conscious writer.


  24. The Old Jeffster

    It was so cool to discover in 2007 this college football blogging world. Jenny Slater, EDBS of of course GTP quickly became a regular part of the day. I pictured this group of hardy pioneers as a smarter-than-the- average -bear “brat pack” that almost seemed to write for each other as much as those that stumbled across their blogs. But Swindle/Hall could relate to the average fan and was flat out funny as hell. High quality content just poured out of his blog in the early years. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.


  25. Dawg Vegas

    His annual column at the start of each CFB season was, imo, his high water mark. Poetic, educational, moving…I’ve been looking forward to this year’s edition. I’m sorry we won’t get it.

    The 3-parter last year was a great example. Not his best, but damn close