“We can’t get anybody to play us.”

Mike Bianchi, playing scheduling broker, claims a breakthrough with UCF’s Danny White and that potential (using the term as broadly as imaginable) series with the Gators.

In an interview with me a few days ago, UCF athletics director Danny White opened the door ever so slightly and seems to have at least gotten the attention of Florida AD Scott Stricklin.

White, a guest on my Open Mike radio show, said, yes, he would consider a two-for-one series with the Gators (two games in Gainesville, one game in Orlando) as long as the one game in Orlando was played at UCF’s Spectrum Stadium and not at Camping World Stadium.

This is certainly a public alteration in White’s stance in that he has previously stated he wouldn’t schedule any “inequitable” two-for-ones against big-time Power 5 opponents.

Sounds like a deal!  Well, not so fast…

However, when I asked White if he would alter his philosophy against playing two-for-ones if the Gators or another big-time program agreed to play to play at Spectrum Stadium, he was skeptical but he certainly left the door open.

“I think that’s speculation that would never happen,” White replied. “They [Gators, etc.] don’t do that. I’m not picking up the phone and calling [powerhouse] programs when I know they don’t do that [with non-Power 5 programs like UCF]. It makes me look stupid. But if that fairy-tale scenario happened maybe we would reconsider our two-for-one stance.”

There is so much plausible deniability packed into that statement, it comes off as little more than a challenge for Scott Stricklin to pick up the phone, with no guarantee that he’ll get anything more than more posturing from White if he does.  Even Bianchi’s not willing to go any further.

I don’t believe this is the “fairy tale” scenario that White believes it to be. In fact, it’s my understanding that Stricklin would at least consider playing a two-for-one with UCF even if the Gators had to play their one roadie at Spectrum Stadium.

Yeah, this is so happening.



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16 responses to ““We can’t get anybody to play us.”

  1. Regardless of where they play in Orlando, those jort-wearing UCF season ticket holders will show up in orange and blue. That’s what Danny Boy doesn’t get. It doesn’t matter where they play FU will take over that stadium.


  2. Seriously… He’s worried about calling an A.D. and looking stupid. He must live in an alternate universe; this guy comments make him look stupid about every other week.

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  3. addr

    Danny Boy threw away any chance he had at scoring a serious P5 series after his ridiculous posturing. There is little value to a school like Florida in scheduling UCF in the first place, but throw in a petulant AD who cries to the media every time he doesn’t get something he wants, and it’s a wonder any P5 AD would even pick up the phone in the first place.

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    • stoopnagle

      Oh, now, I don’t know about all that. The Gators don’t like to play outside of Florida if they can help it and UCF can’t keep up being good forever can they?


  4. Go Dawgs!

    I hope this never happens. I really, really don’t want to be in a position to have to root for Florida, but I want to see this Danny White clown humbled.


  5. Spike

    How much do they pay this douche nozzle for this?


  6. stoopnagle

    I wonder if they could swing a Gainesville-Citrus Bowl-UCF 3-game series? That seems like it would appear equitable to UCF, but would really work for the Gators. They might not be able to get all the seats in UCF’s small stadium, but they could for sure dominate at the Citrus Bowl.


  7. Uglydawg

    I blame Auburn.
    It’s Auburn’s responsibility to schedule a one and one with UCF and curb stomp them like they were supposed to do when they lost to UCF in the Peach Bowl (1/1/18).
    I also point out that this is the kind of litter we have to wade through when power teams don’t show up for bowl games…even a couple of years past the embers of self-perceived greatness still glow at UCF.


  8. Tony Barnfart

    I love that in the midst of all his crying USF (their arch nemesis) landed a 2-1 with Alabama coming to Tampa first. Literally everyone but UCF looks at that as a major scheduling win for USF and its fans.


    • Cojones

      Not sure the fans and players at USF are going to appreciate that after ‘Bama puts it on them in front of a large So Fl crowd. The fleeting fame isn’t worth that kind of putdown to their AD and their program. That pales in comparison of the following next two games with ‘Bama and I’ll predict that there will be some squirming that will follow those events.