And, from Junior and Lulu, there was much rejoicing.

Finally, a decent reason for Vol Nation to attend home games.

You could say that’s the first sensible decision a Tennessee athletic director has made this decade.


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20 responses to “And, from Junior and Lulu, there was much rejoicing.

  1. dawgfan1995

    Tennessee football: If you drink enough, it will look like we’re good this year!


  2. Mark

    Tennessee serves alcohol in their house for the first time…with a bunch of Mormons as their guests! LOLOL!

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  3. Salty Dawg

    LuLu and Junior are still gonna sneak in their ‘shine. What a shite show it will be with drunk vowels! I can’t wait for the memes!


  4. Texas Dawg

    The irony is that the first alcohol sales will be when BYU is in town. The Mormon guest from BYU will be easily recognizable. By the 4th quarter they will be the only ones in the stadium able to stand and walk a straight line (possibly the only ones that are conscious).


  5. Comin' Down The Track

    This will end well.


  6. Kjs

    Well, they do get their corn from a jar you know.


  7. Admiral Sackbar

    Safe… positive… family friendly… Never have I heard anyone ever attribute those qualities to Neyland Stadium until just now.

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    • Godawg

      Lies, damned lies and Phil Fulmer’s math

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      • Admiral Sackbar

        Poor guy gets sacked in a head coaching coup after he was the beneficiary of one 15 years earlier, stages a successful coup years later for the AD position and really now is just buying time until the big orange faithful run him out of town once and for all.


  8. It’s a long fall off that top deck.


  9. Harold Miller

    Any word on whether they have brown jug XXX commemorative cups?


  10. Macallanlover

    How will they hold their drinks securely in those 3/4 seats. The idea of having more than one at a time is out the window. Lot of fights over spilled beer is my prediction.


  11. Rob FirefighterDawg

    I could so enjoy the commentary the late, great wordsmith Lewis Grizzard would have produced from this rather comedic, ironic situation.