Finally, another long national nightmare is over.

You might want to sit down before proceeding.

I’m so shocked, I can’t even conjure up a Casablanca reference.


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28 responses to “Finally, another long national nightmare is over.

  1. Greg

    yEiGh!!!…..he can run fast & throw far.


  2. Admiral Sackbar

    whew glad that’s squared away.


  3. Mick Jagger

    His Dad is sooooo proud!

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    • Faltering Memory

      His self-proclaimed QB coach thinks “now the clients will be lining up for my genius coaching!” Private coaching will cause more coaches more problems.


  4. BigD

    You know, deep down I wanted to see him “Tate Martell’ed” up there.

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  5. ugafidelis

    I can’t hardly believe it!


  6. “One thousand-one, One thousand-two, RUN!!!”

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  7. Texas Dawg

    Shocked I tell you!!!

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  8. Turd Ferguson

    No hard feelings here. But no warm feelings either. I can’t wait to see how Jacob Eason does, and genuinely wish him the best. But, as much as the sports media world will allow it, I won’t be paying attention to Ohio State.

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    • Russ

      Looks like Eason is still in a battle.


      • Macallanlover

        I wish the best for Eason, specifically because of the way he handled losing the job situation in 2017, and the way he transferred out. Classy young man, imo. But I cannot say I am surprised he is struggling to earn the starting QB job due to how uncomfortable he looked in the pocket when defenders were flying around him. He may have gotten better at that, but the biggest concern I had with him was his accuracy on throws. Yes, he could make a few throws that few in football could, but he was just off the mark way too often. We can all recall the game winner at Mizzou, and the long TD pass that should have won the TN game in Athens, just hard to get how many times his passes over shot receivers, led them out of bounds on sideline throws, and over/under threw them on shorter throws.

        Eason had a cannon, much as Stafford did, but he didn’t command the offense, project confidence, or make fans believe he could hit 5-6 straight to lead a drive downfield when we had to have it. Hope I am wrong, just hard to teach what he is missing; he won’t be the first big arm to not reach what most feel is his potential. Prove me wrong Jacob, let’s meet in the playoffs on New Year’s Day with the Huskies and Dawgs teeing it up!


        • Jeff Sanchez

          Best summation of his UGA career I’ve read in a while.

          The difference in vibe when Fromm came in game one of 2017 was immediate and palpable.

          Wish Eason all the best up there though


  9. Who cares? I hope anOSU loses every game regardless of who plays quarterback.

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  10. MGW

    Kid’s going to ball out up there, no doubt. I wish he came out of high school a year later than he did.

    Oh well, now we’ll surely play Eason in round one of the playoffs, and Fields round two.


  11. stoopnagle

    They handed off that job good af.

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  12. At the very least, maybe anOSU will be able to get #1 to perfect the punt fake …


  13. practicaldawg

    He’s going to run for insane yards on busted plays with their schedule


  14. ClydeBoogie

    Justin needs two years to learn his team’s offense. He needed it at Uga and he’s gonna need it up there. A skilled defensive coordinator gonna make him think he’s a rabbit, dude gonna be running all over the place.

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    Time will tell on his play.