“He’s a Georgia great.”

If there’s anyone who knows something about creating defensive havoc, it’s Jarvis Jones.


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4 responses to ““He’s a Georgia great.”

  1. Spike

    Indeed. Will never, ever forget that fumbled he caused at the WLOCP against the Gator tight end who looked like he was going to score and break our hearts again. What a play!

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  2. Cojones

    Looks like he is the reason that “wreck havoc” is taking off, especially in the second scrimmage. There was a reason the D looked better and now is making the hackles stand up on the back of my neck. Jarvis is back.

    Using the depth that Lanning has helped create, Jarvis is coaching up what can become an elite unit, plus will grab the attention of a D recruit in Jarvis’s image somewhere down the line. He just made my year better by easing my worries about this year’s D because I now have no doubt that they can become great soon and, coupled with a great O, can run the show. Jermaine is going to play with Jarvis coaching and that’s enough to tune into watching the backfield and line closely for that unexpected great play.

    I have memories of two sacks against FU in the game where he knocked the ball forward from Reed’s hands such that we recovered in the end zone. Before the game, I had alerted my FU friend and drinking partner to Jones’s name and he was cheering full bore when the game suddenly shifted to his lost-ass position simply because of Jarvis, the one guy I had been touting to him all week.

    And to think that we have Kiffen to thank for such a player makes for a cornucopia of college football pleasure. And Jarvis ain’t through yet.