How does Waffle House taste after a seal clubbing?

Like everyone else, Vegas isn’t expecting much from Tech in the opener.

And Buzz has seen some pretty bad teams in the interim.


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24 responses to “How does Waffle House taste after a seal clubbing?

  1. Spike

    Who does a poor Dawg root for in this game? Sigh…


  2. JasonC

    Got a feeling Tech is gonna be covered, smothered and scattered this weekend.


  3. Class A

    I’m heading to Clemson Thursday morning. Tailgate with my son and his posse and scouting two potential opponents in one game. Clemson may cover the spread pretty early so we plan to leave at halftime.


  4. practicaldawg

    Rumor is that GT will be wearing special commemorative Washington Generals jerseys Thursday night

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  5. Mick Jagger

    Several great posts! Y’all on fire this morning!


  6. Texas Dawg

    Only 36? Do they assume Dabo will pull the starters after the 1st quarter?


  7. Admiral Sackbar

    Thinks I can imagine CGC saying after that game:

    “Yes, we lost by 42 points…. but the heart our guys showed was aBovE tHe LiNe”
    “404 culture doesn’t accept defeat… even when we lose.”
    “Our academics are better than theirs… so who’s the loser?”


  8. Normaltown Mike

    I might buy a Clemson shirt if they break Tech’s record for most lopsided victory in CFB ever (222 – 0) this Saturday night.


  9. Bulldawg Bill

    Naturally, no way I’m gonna root for tech. For all you young’uns out there, I have Old School hate for Clemson.(Ph*ck Danny Phord!) In a bygone era one could hope for a scoreless tie. I suppose you could hope that tech makes life completely miserable for Clemson before losing and thus depriving Clemson of style points for the playoff committee.

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    • Texas Dawg

      That would be the optimal outcome. Sadly it will probably not be a struggle for Clemson, but rather an ass whipping of epic proportions for the NERDS.


  10. Derek

    I say it’s past time for that Georgia Tech Cumberland game (222-0) to be relegated to the second biggest blow out in the record books.


  11. Macallanlover

    Dabo in a pickle here: he is in the spotlight but doesn’t want to expose how bad other ACC teams are, and doesn’t want to disappoint the fans and media who expect him to return the love and adulation being showered on Clem’s Son. Can easily cover the line but has to be careful of looking like the school bully. I think they focus on holding gt to 0-7 points and keep theirs in the 40/50s. Giving the points or an Under 60 bet looks reasonable, even to me who doesn’t like name-your-score games, or unders. Probably pass on this one.

    For CFB TV entertainment Cincy/UCLA, A&M’s game, and the Holy War game will get all of my attention. on Thursday. The A&M game has a similar spread to clem/gt but curious to see what Jimbo has under the hood.


  12. Thatguy

    This game has all the parts to be a complete pantsing of Tech on regional cable. 63-10, Clempson. Maybe worse if Dabo can’t reign in the backups.


  13. But, the Techster’s groins are sooooo stronnnng !!


  14. Texas Dawg

    Not sure I would refer to it as a seal clubbing. Seals are cute to look at. A RAT KILLIN’ is more apropos.