If your business plan ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Greg McGarity announces plans to go back to the same funding well for Georgia’s new $80 million football facility.  And why not?


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3 responses to “If your business plan ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  1. Anonymous

    … and by same funding well he means taking ~$10M out of reserves in hopes that fans with horrible personal finance habits will quit bitching?

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  2. Cynical Dawg

    When will people wise up? They have been indoctrinated and propagandized by university administrators and glorified gym teachers that the stakes in college football are more important than The Bible and World War II combined, and it is absolutely necessary for the followers of this cult to fork over millions of dollars so that the university administrators and glorified gym teachers can profit mightily. Folks, it is just a game played by 18-23 year olds. The outcomes of these games, in the large scheme of things, means little-to-nothing.

    I wish some of us had the same kind of interest and care for the teams that REALLY matter in the large scheme of things. Like, say, the crew of the USS Jimmy Carter. Or the paratroopers of the 325th Airborne Infantry. These young men and women practice for something in which the stakes are far more serious than a college football game. I’d rather fork over money to provide some young enlisted soldier or sailor or marine or airman with a little spending money or groceries or something for their children.

    I firmly believe the Ivy League schools got it right when they did away with big-time college sports.


    • Busta

      pretty deep there, as an active member I appreciate that. But if alum who have it like that give back to the school, it’s all good and as a fan I’m more than cool with that. Besides, our sacrifice is just that, a sacrifice without looking for anything in return. I’m happy to see these kids, and my own do what they love to do and we get enjoyment from it too…from the sacrifices of many including the boosters and other fans. You kept it very real though, we all deserve to enjoy what our nation works hard to provide to us, even the silly stuff I suppose.