Your Daily Gator is sensitive.

Feleipe, it’s always a good look when your momma has to wag her finger at your critics.


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8 responses to “Your Daily Gator is sensitive.

  1. Russ

    We all know about “Florida man”. If I looked up “Florida woman”, I’m pretty sure I’d see a picture of Franks’ mom.

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  2. artful codger

    Inconsistent mediocre performance coupled with consistent sideline hijinks will never be a popular formula.

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  3. Jim

    Watching them implode this year will be fun. I know you can’t take too much away from a first game but that team could easily finish Unranked

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    He hasn’t improved at all in my book both on and off the field. He will cost them some games this year.


  5. Nashville West

    The good news for Franks and his mom is that after this year he won’t have to worry much about social media. 3rd stringers in Canada or the arena league don’t have much of a Twitter following.


  6. My momma loves me, but she could be jivin’ too…..

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  7. Macallanlover

    Heard a clip today of the Gameday crew ripping into Franks for his antics and lack of leadership. Unusually “frank” attack on him, and his antics. I blame Dancing Danny, he started it last year when he asked FF to dance on the sideline during a game.

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  8. DC Weez

    As a good Georgia fan should, I am very thankful for Feleipe Franks. May he start long and prosper as he has. I look forward to seeing him in Jacksonville.

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