Beast mode

Watching a replay of the game, I realized I forgot to mention in my Observations post this memorable moment from Travon Walker, who literally engulfed the Vandy receiver on this play:



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7 responses to “Beast mode

  1. Junior

    That definitely stood out watching it on the tube. Funny thing was didn’t the guy get up and act like he wasn’t down after that? Dude you just got CRUSHED. Stay down!!!!


  2. Argondawg

    It was the hit he made on kick off coverage that got my attention. How does a guy at 290 lbs get that far down field and make that play. I started asking who is 44? He is not supposed to be able to run like that. Can you imagine he is your blocking assignment on kick return? F’ that.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I love how the camera shakes a little just as he makes impact.

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  4. rugbydawg79

    Makes me wonder if maybe he shouldn’t be playing LB.


  5. WTS1976

    Is there some reason the vandy stadium makes it impossible for good camera angles. I mean I love watching the game as if I were some bird of pray 100 feet over the stadium, but why can’t they get a better overview angle? Seems this way every time we play at Vandy.

    We were at Vandy this year and I remembered thinking “I better enjoy this view now, because the replay is going to suck”.


  6. Will Adams

    I was wondering who 44 was during the game but never looked it up and don’t remember the announcers saying his name. He definitely flashed at multiple points in the game. To think he’s only been with the team for a few weeks. Dude is gonna be a consistent force after a year of experience and a full off-season with a professional level workout and training regiment. Hopefully Walker, Davis, and Clark are all hitting their stride by the time FU rolls around and they dominate that OL all the way to a shutout.


  7. Juck Pulver

    I caught this one while watching and backed it up on the DVR. He swamped that man.