TFW nobody cares about the meteor

This is almost sad.


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  1. Paul

    A quick look at the schedule says UT probably will not win until November when they play UAB. Even that’s not a sure thing. I wonder if Pruitt will still have a job then? It would be nice for them to beat Florida since Kentucky snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last week


    • Doug

      It totally slipped my mind that Tennessee was playing UAB this year. There is a nonzero chance that the Vols will end this season with losses to not only my alma mater but also the two universities where I’ve been employed (UAB and Georgia State). What a world.

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  2. Mayor

    I hate em both but this year it would be better for Georgia if UT won imho.


    • Otto

      I think the higher Florida is ranked throughout the season the better for UGA. UGA gets in the playoff with a SEC title and 1 loss or less. However, if the SECCG is a close and only loss, a strong UF might help UGA get in. With that said I am pulling for a scenario where the SECCG is a win and in or you’re eliminated playoff game. I don’t want UGA facing another SEC team in the playoff.

      However it would be hysterical to see the Gator fans if UT won, complete and total shock.

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  3. S

    Tennessee vs. Florida, and it’s irrelevant. There is no describing the joy I feel in typing that sentence.

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  4. Doug

    Back during my college days, Tennessee-Florida was simultaneously one of the most momentous games of the year (because it basically decided the SEC East) and one of the most infuriating (because it involved two hated rivals whose level Georgia was trying in vain to achieve). Today it’s neither, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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  5. Tennessee is gonna beat them.

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    • PDawg30577

      Lord, I hope you’re right. I can tell you one damn thing, this is the only game I’ll be pulling for Tennessee this year, Bama game included. I only wish Tennessee and Georgia Tech could have played that season opener they had recently over again this year. To put it in physics terms, it would have been a grand experiment on what happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object.

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    • SpellDawg

      That’s what I’ve been thinking, you know Pruitt will have his team jacked thinking this could turn around their season. Best chance they’ll have to beat a top-10 team (such a joke) all year. My gut says UT opens up a decent lead and UF claws back in the 4th, but I really just want to see a brutal, awful game. Dead teams walking….

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    • siskey

      I think that they will too. Florida has a backup QB and is probably overlooking UT, Pruitt is a good defensive coach and he has just as much experience against Mullen as anyone.

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  6. 3rdandGrantham

    I’ll never forget being a UGA student back in ’96 and watching the UT-UF game with envy. We all were basically like, ‘man, wouldn’t it be great if our program was like either UF or UT?’ That same day we played Texas Tech, in which a downpour occured early on and UGA was lucky to come back and win in the final minute in front of 30k fans.

    Amazing how things have changed.


  7. Russ

    Please little 6 lbs 8 oz baby Jesus, let the Vowels beat the Gators!

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