“A non-threatening Tennessee is good news…”

I can’t say I agree with every word of Pete Thamel’s evisceration of the current state of the UT program, but I don’t strenuously object to any of it, either.


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  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Just beautiful. And here’s the main thing as it relates to us – we are tied with UT in the head to head series and in SEC championships. So with a win there in two weeks and another SECC soon, we will leap ahead of them in both areas. And in terms of all-time wins, we now are only around 15 wins behind them, so we very well might catch them there in just a few more years.

    Long story short, very soon UT will no longer be able to say that they are the 2nd best program all-time in the SEC, as they will have nothing to hang their hat on.

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Thanks, Senator! I found that article quite delectable!

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  3. DugLite

    Just damn……..Tennessee is years behind catching up to rivals like Georgia and Alabama, and attempting to play the same style on offense and eventually surpassing them is about as savvy a strategy as hiring Antonio Brown’s life coach.

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  4. Mayor

    The linked article is way off base and totally wrong. UAB will be favored in its game against UT and will beat the Vowels.


  5. stoopnagle



  6. Doug

    I think it’s a little extreme to lay the entire Tennessee debacle at Fulmer’s feet—Mike Hamilton arguably sowed the seeds for disaster by hiring Kiffykins and SOD—but Fulmer certainly hasn’t helped. At this point he may end up the Vols’ coach again simply because no qualified coach in his right mind would go anywhere near the job.

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  7. There is a bigger issue here: places like East Tennessee aren’t being realistic about what they are.

    The more provincial they insist on being, the further from reality they become.


  8. Tronan

    I enjoyed that. A lot.

    Some friends and I were chatting about Rocky Top on Saturday. One said the Lols shouldn’t be as bad as they are. I countered that, yes, they’re reaping the whirlwind, but no, they really shouldn’t be very good. The state of Tennessee is mediocre recruiting ground, the school (as an academic/social institution) is anonymous nationally, and Knoxville isn’t going to have much appeal to most college-age kids. In other words, the football program has outpunched its weight historically. The past 15 years or so of ineptitude has made things worse, but there’s no obvious reason UT should be any better than Ole Miss.

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  9. Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia…..all the myopia. They just don’t get it.


    • Governor Milledge

      WV arguably has a better recruiting base than TN – Morgantown is 3 hours from DC and in the heart of the Ohio/Pennsylvania recruiting country. WV is associated with the Big12, which has less competition top to bottom than SEC. At this point, WV is probably a better job on paper than UT


  10. Greg

    Ole Johnny Majors gotta be somewhere enjoying all of this (Fulmer):


  11. Cojones

    Doesn’t matter. While we relax a little and plan ahead for their ass, Tenn is going to practice for two weeks as well and Chaney is studying the tapes to put his signature on this game. The dead Vol in the road has last gasps that we should be wary of and plan against. I think we can take care of any problems by the time we play them and can unloose the Dawgs by way of RBs, great WRs and TEs.

    This may be one of the games that presents a window for Rod to kick a long one, not out of necessity, but out of the challenge to see if he can break his mentor’s record for distance.


    • Normaltown Mike

      you’ve always got to be wary around an injured (and dying) varmint.

      But they are awful on O. Just awful. I tried to watch their game Sat. and it was so painful.

      Guarantano looks like a WR that was switched to QB THAT MORNING. Just horrible.


  12. Whiskeydawg

    Thanks for posting the Vol Story. I’ve heard some of what the author presents from my orange family members; who are now on suicide watch. I don’t want to push them over the edge but I’ll be doing my part to turn Neyland red this year.