A box office smash

Georgia-Notre Dame was berry, berry good for CBS.

Even if not quite as good as you-know-what.

Compared to last year’s primetime SEC game on CBS, Alabama-LSU in week ten, overnights fell 7% from a 6.7. The 6.2 ranks sixth out of the past nine primetime SEC games on CBS (dating back to 2011). Each of the other eight pit LSU against Alabama.

There’s something about life (or, maybe, the lack thereof) in Tuscaloosa.


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5 responses to “A box office smash

  1. dawgfan1995

    The other issue with the ratings being lower than the Bama-LSU games is the fact of how early in the NCAAF season our game took place. Bama-LSU is in November, after the playoff rankings have come out, and usually after baseball has completed its long and winding post-season. There’s just less competition for sports eyeballs at that point in the year.

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  2. ATL Dawg

    This is off topic but I just looked it up and the next intriguing out of conference game scheduled to be played in Sanford Stadium isn’t for another 7 years when UCLA comes to town in 2026.

    I’m sorry but that’s totally inexcusable and I don’t care about the bullshit reasons they throw out there for why we have to wait 8-10 years for their new approach to scheduling to take effect. They need to correct this.


  3. Classic City Canine

    So it looks like CBS made a mistake by picking our game instead of Bama/LSU?


  4. Macallanlover

    Could the “metered markets” be the wrong measurement for Saturday nights (or any day/night of the week)? With the technology available, why can’t they get data from cable and satellite services? This isn’t just about football, but sampling and projecting seems archaic to me. Could be a source of revenue for the providers., and they should be able to capture exact numbers of what is being watched. If I were an advertiser, I would want better info than “projected” numbers. Think of the millions of folks in the heartland not included, again.