Today, in trust the defense

One thing that’s been touched on this week is that Florida leads the SEC in offensive plays of 60+ yards, with seven.  Keep that in mind as you see this series of tweets from David Hale.

Overall, both Georgia and Florida are hitting roughly the same level of explosive plays on offense, but defensively, Georgia is doing a far better job of limiting other teams’ big plays than the Gators are.  In fact, check out Hale’s conclusion about Florida:

Don’t turn the ball over, Dawgs, and believe in the magic of Todd Grantham.


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14 responses to “Today, in trust the defense

  1. MDDawg

    In some weird way, seeing stats like these makes me even more nervous about the outcome of this week’s matchup.


  2. Jim

    This is pointing to Kirby trying to win a low scoring game of man ball. Me no likey


  3. Keese

    Florida’s stats include much different offensive and decisive opponents such as LSU. alternatively Georgia has had a lot of weak teams. If Georgia runs the same bullshit play calling offensively were in trouble


  4. First team to 27 wins on Saturday.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      That’s two FG in the mix, and in HotRod I trust…but then, USCe miss. Let’s not put this on his shoulders in the end please.


      • Macallanlover

        Kid has missed one freaking kick all year, regardless of distance. I don’t want it to be less than double digits our way at the end, but come on man, if it has to one down to one guy on the last play I will gladly take my chances with Hot Rod. Sounds like some of the Fromm questions to me, how can anyone have doubts about Fromm or Rodriquez at this point? I honestly will never understand UGA fans’ desire to consume their own.


  5. Russ

    Given our constipated offense, we can bottle up Florida all day but if they slip in a busted play or two, it could be enough for them to steal a win. If we line up and try to ManBall them to death, we’ll be playing with fire. Sure, run over them but also run around them and throw over them.

    And shoot for 3rd and Grantham.


  6. J-Dawg

    I am so sick and tired of “stats” I can’t stand it. Give me substance, not stats. This year stats have taken over college football. To me, it’s still all about the guts, determination and fight in the players. If the players want it bad enough, they’ll trash the gayturds. That’s all there is to it.

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    • Salty Dawg

      I’ll co-sign with you on that, J. Stats don’t mean shit if teams don’t show up to play and have been coached up! I hope our Dawgs are ‘woke’ to the fact they can’t phone it in and better put the pedal to the medal!


  7. Rocketdawg

    My recollection of Grantham defenses in big games are getting their pants pulled down. I’d like to see a long Swift run and a bomb to DRob or Blaylock.


  8. Morris Day



  9. Ldawg

    Please don’t confuse the issue with facts, reason, & logic.


  10. WHB209

    Instead of using advance mathematics why don’t we follow the advice of Coach Russell. He stated, “guys pull your pants up. Hit the pricks in the mouth over and over. They will start thinking about those Fla. beaches. We do not have beaches. We will come back home and practice football, that is what we do, that is what gives us the ability and the right to kick their ass”.
    I heard him say this and the man did not and could not tell a lie.. Therefore, let’s hit the pricks in the mouth and not worry about mathematics or past game stats, just make them start thinking about those pretty beaches..