Confirmation bias and closing the gap

I’m not gonna say I agree with everything said here…

… but the part that starts at about the 5:15 mark makes a good deal of sense in terms of why many pundits are saying this is Florida’s year to win the SEC East.


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  1. RangerRuss

    Agreed Senator. But unless The Dawgs pull that same shit they did against USCum? It ain’t gonna happen. All the predictions of Florida winning the East will only make The Dawg’s fourth straight Conference title that much sweeter.
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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    • Still, the spot that most worries this lover of first degree FU dislike is UGA’s special teams….UGA’s “D” is what it is, UGA’s “O” could be a work in progress, having “Hello Newman” as a potential starter should have a calming effect or UGA’s “O” could mature quickly and put up early/surprise points on opponents where playing catch up becomes self destructive for them…special teams play has a ton to replace, but no reason not to be a elite group (given the roster)….#FTMF


    • And no one will revisit all these click bait designed predictions


    • Fred Everett

      Please…we can do without the last sentence in your post.


  2. If we show up in Jacksonville with bad intentions, I believe we will run the Handbags out of the Gator Bowl. We are better across both lines of scrimmage. We are deeper and more talented across the board than they are. Kirby knows this game is the most important game on the schedule (yes, the Cocktail Party is more important than the trip to Bryant-Denny).

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  3. TN Dawg

    I think there is a better chance the Vowels pass Florida for second in the East than Florida beating Georgia.

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  4. Derek

    It sure explains why the pundits every year say that Alabama is going to come up short. And who picks the patriots to win the afc east? Ever?

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  5. 123fakest

    The media only exists today to sell advertising. They can’t do this without false news, bad news, or hot takes.

    Stop clicking on this garbage and open your eyes. Go talk to your neighbors. The media is trash!


    • I’ve already warned you once. Do it again, and your ass is banned.

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      • 123fakest

        My bad. I apologize. I’ll leave the playpen topics out of it.

        My main point is that Florida is not closing the gap. They are not very good. Trask will not be the starting QB at the end of the season. Third and Grantham is real. Mullen is an average coach.

        Watching the actual games tell me more than the author on that link.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      Excuse me Sir, this is a Wendys.


  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I know hot takes are designed to lack context, but you know, I would appreciate just once if one of the CFB sites or one of the national CFB writers offered just a little bit of the context this guy brings to the discussion.

    One of the things he doesn’t discuss though is that while Georgia is replacing three starters on the offensive line, they’re replacing those guys with blue chip players who have all started at least one game. They have Salyer. They have Cleveland. They have Hill. They have Schaffer or Webb moving to Tackle. Or they have Ericson moving to tackle. Either way, they have guys have starting experience in live games. They all have a lot snaps. Yet all we hear is how the offensive line is going to be a question mark or even a weakness. There’s zero context to saying something like that, but it’s easy to say because you see Thomas, Wilson, and Kindley are gone, and Mays is an effing turncoat.

    Could it all be as bad as the media seems to think? Sure, I guess. Is it likely to be as bad as they seem to think? No, it’s not. Not when there’s that many snaps coming back. This isn’t like Floriduh last year where they replaced departing o-line players with no blue chip prospects and very little snaps. See? Context.


    • siskey

      They may have trouble with Alabama unless the new scheme requires less cohesion and one on one dominance but they should hopefully be more cohesive by the Florida game.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        That’s the thing, this scheme won’t require the WRs to win one on one, it’ll be designed to scheme them open in space by spreading the field, allowing their supreme athleticism to shine.

        No more phone booth offense.

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      • Nashville West

        I will probably be more worried next year than this year. As long as Trey Hill stays healthy I think that we will be fine on O line. Many people don’t realize that the center is just as important as a quarterback; and a good one is harder to find. A returning second team all SEC center is great news for the Dawgs.

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  7. Nashville West

    I thought that the comments on having a new offensive coordinator were interesting. It seems like not long ago we were hearing that Georgia had some question marks on defense with Tucker leaving and Lanning taking over. I think that we all know how those questions were answered.


  8. stoopnagle

    Call me crazy, but I didn’t mind the clip. I think he laid out the narrative for UF over UGA and that seemed to me to be the whole point: pointing out the narrative.

    For his bottom line he said there’s only one elite unit in the SEC East: Georgia’s defense. He’ll get no argument from me. And given that everyone lost that “install time” in the spring, defense is going to be way ahead of offenses in the first few games of ’20.

    But we don’t play UF until the 8th(?) game of the year. Plenty of time for either team to make progress where needed. I like our chances. I especially like the Gator Hype Train that just keeps chugging along.

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  9. UGA '97

    becuz ….experts assume/hope/bet their 101st ranked rushing offense in the nation improves to…..50th? Running the ball has got to be one of the main reasons for the love correct? And thats good enough to win the east? Again, our total offense was 61 in nation, and we won the east & 12 games not to mention Sugar minus some key parts and Florida is the new clickbait, I mean,… sheriff? OK sure that makes sense.