A luxury

Greg McElroy thinks good quarterbacks are like beer:  you can never have enough.

“I don’t think you can ever have enough, personally, and JT Daniels, I think… he was a really highly-regarded prospect coming out of high school and right now, to have a guy that’s going to sit and maybe learn your system and potentially take over as your starter a year from now, depending on what happens with his eligibility, I think is a real luxury,” McElroy said in an interview with Dawgs247. “And a guy that’s willing to potentially sit our for a year he’s going through the transfer process. I would anticipate him probably sitting out this year and then him being in a dog fight for the quarterback spot next year. I just don’t see… you look at the transfer quarterbacks who’ve had success of late, transferring sometimes gives a quarterback, not that it’s a positive because in a perfect world, you’d love to not have to rely on a transfer guy. You’ve have some home-grown dude that has been in your system for two or three years before he’s forced into the starting role. That’s not always really available in today’s day and age with how quickly guys are willing to move on, but there have been several guys that have transferred and been able to go on and have a ton of success. I don’t see it really as a negative anymore, especially at that position, knowing that only one plays at a time and it’s really difficult to find the field.”

You’d think it would be the Portal Master™ who would embrace this concept, but, nah.


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6 responses to “A luxury

  1. Texas Dawg

    IF (there is that huge word again) the Portal Master was indeed the great QB developer shouldn’t all the J T Daniels of the world be blocking to FU? The myth of Dopey Dan continues to flourish among the delusional handbag fans even though there are no facts to support their fantasy.


  2. stoopnagle

    Yeah, well, I mean all you gotta do is look at all of Mullen’s proteges in the NFL, right? I mean, he’s been a head coach and quarterback guru since his days with Urbs at Bowling Green, eh? 20 years of coaching QBs. Surely he’s coached ’em all up, right?

    Let’s face it: he didn’t fuck up Tim Tebow, but he never really taught him how to throw either. Maybe that was on Tim? After that, you’ve got Alex Smith who was damn good and Dak Prescott who was good (and is about to steal Jerry’s money which is always good for a laugh). The remaining litany of quarterbacks were all at worst serviceable or pretty good in college; none of them were drafted save Josh Harris (who never caught on anywhere).

    Contrast that with Kirby? Kirby didn’t make his bones coaching quarterbacks did he? How’s our defense? #ftmf