When it’s Georgia, talent isn’t everything.

At least at Athlon, which, in ranking Georgia seventh in its preseason listings, calls this Kirby Smart team “probably his most talented”.

The problem?  Round up the usual suspects.

He’ll have a brand-new quarterback in Jamie Newman, and the advantage gained by getting him on campus in January was almost completely wiped out when spring drills were canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Losing those 15 practices (12 regular practices and three scrimmages) will force the Bulldogs to break in a new play-caller and a new triggerman in short order.

I ask you, is there another team in the country as profoundly affected by the loss of spring practice as Georgia?


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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The Quote of the Day says we are going to be fine, but I guess we will find out soon enough assuming we play. Suits me to dissed at this time.


  2. Ricky McDurden

    Looking at the personnel rankings for both Florida and Georgia in that magazine paints a completely different picture than the story they try to tell about who is going to win the East and why. Either they really believe Mullen is THAT much better a coach than Smart or they have simply forgotten it is Georgia (not Florida) who has the 3 game streak in Jacksonville. I keep trying to squint and understand the argument for UF over UGA this year and, until they actually beat us, I just can’t figure how anyone thinks they will.

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  3. spur21

    Reading all the projections you would think everyone but UGA had spring practice. And Florida being ranked ahead of UGA – really – I can only think of maybe two players on each side of the ball that would start for UGA over players we have. What am I missing – other than Trask and Mullen who may be the best to ever to play the game.

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  4. ugafidelis

    Well no because Kyle Trask and Bo Nix something something.


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I will take more joy out of the I told you so’s this season more than any other I’ve ever experienced as a Georgia fan. Mostly because I’ve never really had the chance, but also because all these dumb motherfuckers are so smarmy and so sure about MuLLLen’s genius and that Kirby is some kind of barely functional moron.

    All these dumb motherfuckers have it coming. Marcello. Fornelli. Sallee. Feldman. Wolken. The Athlon morons. Cubelic. Bratton. Blackmon. O’Gara. I’m keeping a list. They better hope Florida beats us. If they don’t, every single one of them has a year’s worth of I told you so’s coming.


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    • Honestly we should keep a list and links

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      • Down Island Way

        Don’t waste your time….they all will say “wait till next year, the gap is closing”……#FTMF


        • They do. Auburn and Florida fans just drive me nuts with the stuff. This is getting in the 2 month window will I will bump into an Auburn fan that will speak for 30 minutes non stop about how awesome they are. And then I never get to see that guy again.

          Florida fans here have quieted down a little bit. I’ve taken to saying go Dawgs when I see a Florida fan and they tend to be a little quieter lately. But I know that Florida fan is sitting somewhere waiting on me to preach for an hour about how we don’t have a national championship


  6. practicaldawg

    It’s funny how these analysts rate Newman as a top QB in 2020 due to his on field experience one day, then act like he’s a true freshman who missed spring practice the next day.

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  7. FlyingPeakDawg



  8. Georgia is the only team affected by no spring practice. We’re doomed. Even though apparently the staff was all over and ahead of staying in touch with players, their private workouts, and being fully ready in June 8th.

    We’re also the only top team that can’t have a successful transfer QB. (LSU, OSU, OK are abnormalities obviously).

    The next phases after we beat Florida, when a division, A conference , win a title whatever it is , will be that it doesn’t count because of Corona virus. I guarantee you they’re gonna wanna throw an astrik on the season

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  9. The only advantage the Handbags have this year is the schedule. We get Bama and they don’t.

    There is truly not a single starter other than at kicker I would take over our guy at the same position.

    This year is going to be sweet when we pound their jort-wearing @$$3$ back to 1982.


  10. UGA '97

    Fair questions & comments by Athlon, but several things the click pundits keep failing to point out about us when compared to Florida 1.)Newman has more total starts & tons more live game snaps than Trask. The overall level of competition of the ACC Atlantic, vs SEC East programs over the last few years ain’t that much different.

    2.)Newman & the Offense facing what most are calling, “…Kirby’s best Defense yet at Georgia..” everyday in practice and the impact therein.

    4.) Florida’s run game progressing from 106th in the nation to top 25 without the same # of spring practices, is in doubt. Especially when Athlon already ranks our Oline, UKs, and Tennessee’s all ahead of the Gators. Two transfers OL & RB ain’t getting the reps either.

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  11. The Dawg abides

    They didn’t say that. They said they were tabling the discussion for giving every athlete one transfer without having to get a waiver to play immediately until next year. They’re still deciding on case by case waivers for this season. Lingard got his, Cade Mays and J.T. Daniels are still waiting on decisions.

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  12. Spike

    Ahh.. I guess UGA is the only team who doesn’t fieled a veteran QB.. or something.


  13. Maybe a dumb question – Are Athlon and Lindy’s available in stores? i haven’t seen them.

    Online only?


  14. Hunkering Hank

    I’ll tell you after the season.

    We are always wrong preseason. Last year’s offense was going to great remember. And the defense was going to have to catch up.

    Not so much.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      True. I think we all expected Kirby to allow the offense to open up, but he or Coley closed it down even more. We threw less between the numbers than anytime from 2016-2018. Not that we threw a lot to the middle then, but 2019 we almost never did. It was distressing.


  15. Just from a QB and what we’re expected to be competing for perspective, I’d say no, but I haven’t kept up with other programs too much.


  16. Bigshot

    Nope. Something always happens.