He’s important.

Here’s what Sports247 has to say about one of its twenty people who will swing the 2020 season:

Will transfer import JT Daniels be eligible? How good is Jamie Newman when he faces SEC competition? How much can Georgia get out of a loaded 2020 wide receiver class? All of those questions about Georgia’s offense are secondary to the question of  Todd Monken’s impact as offensive coordinator. Can he be Georgia’s Joe Brady? Will Kirby Smart take a page from Ed Orgeron’s book and let him? With Georgia’s loaded defense and plenty of talent available on offense (George Pickens is begging for a chance to show he’s one of the best wideouts in the nation) Georgia is a legitimate national title team if Monken’s unit can deliver.   [Emphasis added.]

With regard to the two bolded questions, my answers are as follows:  (1)  He doesn’t need to be.  (2) Yes, Smart needs to trust his OC this season and loosen the reins.

There’s a reason they’re paying Monken the big bucks.  It’s not to be Joe Brady.  It’s to be Todd Monken.  Let him, please.


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  1. Derek

    You’ll never get anywhere acting like this:


    • RangerRuss

      When you holler and scream all the time folks eventually stop paying attention to you. A seasoned leader addresses cadre differently than trainees. As a highly successful leader Saban knows this. But hes’s human and dealing with Joey Freshwater. I’m thinking that shithead had it coming.

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      • CKS has been known to blow a 50 amp fuse over the headset a time or two….and those choice words where generally during/after an offensive exchange of possession or lack of two yards for a T.D.


      • Derek

        He definitely deserved it. Probably building up since the INT vs. OSU in the playoffs.

        I just don’t think that “hands off the oc” is the only approach to success. LSU’s success wasn’t just about Coach O making a leap of faith in Joe Brady.

        It was seeing the passing stats vs. their defense in the spring that convinced him. If you’re the leader of an organization you give people the autonomy they earn with results not because of a title or a resume.

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        • RangerRuss

          Yes, yes, yes and yes. Maybe that explains why CKS had Coley revert to Manball mid-season last year? He saw the D stealing the O’s lunch money at practice?


          • Down Island Way

            Do believe that CKS saw that the UGA oc at that time may have been in over his head a bit, knowing full well UGA’s “D” could carry a large load if needed, plus UGA’s special teams play could carry a little bit when called upon…


            • Dawg1

              Never trailed in 7 of last 8 games, 2 in the rain, most with double digit leads into the 4th, so why not lean on the D he thought?


        • Jim

          “If you’re the leader of an organization you give people the autonomy they earn with results not because of a title or a resume.“

          Agree completely. I wish people who defend mark richt and his lack of institutional support would acknowledge the quote above.