Actions speak louder than schemes.

I don’t know about you, but I find this rather depressing.

I don’t think that’s how an elite SEC defense is supposed to operate.


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  1. Was it the injuries including Monty Rice? Was it the scheme? Was it the offense not holding up their end of the bargain?


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  2. rigger92

    It’s more frustrating than depressing in my view. Other than SBIV giving us all he’s got, there is plenty of blame/explanations. Lots of small things that add up to a big thing.


  3. ZeroPOINTzero

    Rat poison. Best defense in the country all off season.

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    • akascuba

      Eethomaswfnc is absolutely correct regarding where we are today. Stats are accurate. How we got there is where the debate is.
      Many of the experts pilling on the hobbled defense now are the same who said 0-4 Penn State was a top 10 2020 team. Being a college football expert requires less accountability than a weatherman.

      It allows the few coaches with the players capable of defeating what Kirby was doing adding up to lots of points scored in some games. You can know what’s coming and still not have the Jimmy and Joe’s to stop it. Stats like this decrease the likelihood Lanning is lured away this offseason. That is a very good thing.

      There will be plenty of off season reverse rat poison by pundits writing negative UGA stories. No matter who is stays and who is added to the 2021 roster. There will be a very short list of teams that have the recruiting stars to match UGA. Given the talent and a full off season for the coaches to work with the 2021 team should be ready to get some right out of the gate.,

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  4. If you haven’t seen it this morning

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    • rigger92

      I don’t like to post it, but I did the battle hymn in ‘90 and ‘91. It is a real thrill. I see stuff like this and it melts me. Thanks for posting it.

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      • RangerRuss

        That’s exceptional and I’m proud to know you, rigger 92.

        It’s disappointing that the azaleas aren’t in bloom at The Masters. There was plenty of notice for them to plant Encore varieties that are in bloom now. My Autumn Bonfire dwarf has gorgeous Red flowers currently. Great color for football season on a 25 year old shrub.


        • RR, the place has shown itself this weekend to be a little slice of heaven on earth even in November.

          I was really hoping College GameDay would have used that video, but, of course, the WWL isn’t going to show anything positive about UGA.

          Someone needs to send that video to Stewart Mandel, so he can educate people in Montana.

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  5. leecodawgfan

    We’re not an elite anything.

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  6. Greg

    Another way to look at it, is if UF had as many injuries on offense as the Dawgs did on ‘D……especially at key positions.

    That ass kicking more than likely never would have taken place.


    • James A Mercer Jr

      I found myself looking at a year with COVID-19, then the election went all wrong, and, lastly, the Gators beat my Dawgs. I’ve accepted all of that as, one, it’s God’s will; two, FTMFs; and,. three, I bought into the kool aid that Mullen sucked as a coach, Trask was over hyped and Florida had no defense. I still feel confident in my Dawgs as individual players, I’ve grown some doubt in CKS letting the offense be run by any other coach; but, I know the sun will come up tomorrow and UGA will rise up again.

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  7. leecodawgfan

    Watching Vandy at Kentucky and wishing we had one of their QBs.


  8. leecodawgfan

    Lol. Yeah, but I’d take Wilson over the crew we’ve got.


  9. TEXBaller

    Can we get a legitimate Wake Forest QB to transfer in?? Sam Hartman 425+ yds/4TDs/0 picks today v UNC.


  10. D as in Dawg

    Had the gator chomp in my face all week. You don’t know pain until you’ve experienced that. Lol. This is just rubbing salt in all my wounds.

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  11. originaluglydawg

    Never dreamed I’d be pulling for Felipe Franks but here I sit! And he’s already hit a long bomb to tie it up in the first quarter. What makes me want to puke is seeing the clown Mullens crying to the refs about an Arkansas defender touching Tasks’ facemask. Mullen’s is becoming my least favorite of any personality in football. Again, we have Gator Worshipers for announcers though. Did I say that Mullens is a POS?

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  12. Kirby can lose the entire first string on both offense and defense and he should still not lose to Florida. He is on my SHIT list until he redeems himself next year.

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  13. TN Dawg

    We have to get an offense that can put up 50 to cover for this defense.


  14. TN Dawg


    Trask shredded the Arkansas for 5 TD and 35 points in the first half.

    And the Arkansas defense still outperformed us.


  15. Salty Dawg

    Anyone see Muschamp get pissed? LOL!


  16. akascuba

    Does anyone play defense in the SEC today?


  17. D as in Dawg

    Would the most Georgia thing ever be if UF proved defense is unnecessary, Trask won the Heisman, and the Gators won it all?


  18. bigjohnson1992

    And what are our first-half scoring numbers? Pretty bad…..


  19. spur21

    Our offense makes our defense look bad.


  20. armydawg

    GA/FL is over. Gut-wrenching, terrible, but over and done with. Unexpected bye week came at the perfect time considering (using military terms) the defense is at only 50% effectiveness and on field commanders have proven they are not effective against even token resistance. Retreat to the rear for healing & rehab. Beg HQ to send a replacement field commander who is capable of fighting and accurate when sending artillery downfield. Over & out.

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