Thanks for the reminder.

I haven’t thrown anything in anger at a television screen in a long time, but I gotta admit this tempted me:

Right out of the gate, Feleipe Effing Franks goes where no Georgia quarterback could against that Grantham secondary.  Just shoot me and put me out of my misery, will ‘ya?


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21 responses to “Thanks for the reminder.

  1. Teacher Martin

    And yet if Kirby would have brought in Franks we would have all went out of our freaking minds.

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  2. ugafidelis

    Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest man. 🤬

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  3. akascuba

    Senator your not alone in your anger, pain and suffering yesterday. I had to turn it off.

    Speaking of Sunday as a day of rest. The PAC 12 is now playing college football games on Sunday. If they build it will people come we are about to find out.

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    • Teacher Martin

      The west coast is about Pro football. I have friends in California and they don’t even know what CFB is about.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        My wife from Cali has a huge extended family in San Diego and they know their cfb as well as anyone, even though USC in LA is the closest P5 school. I’ve seen bars in Pacific Beach packed with people at 9 am on Saturday watching games in the east that started at noon. Because they have sooo many great leisure-time options, and its a different timezone, people from elsewhere assume they don’t care or know about cfb. Even moreso in Hawaii, where I met islanders who saw my dawgs shirt and knew plenty about UGA.


      • californiadawg

        There are four different UGA alumni bars to watch games at in Los Angeles. CFB is plenty big out here,


  4. akascuba

    The only good thing I could take away to ease my pain. Mac Jones and Bama will make the score board look like a pinball machine against Grantham.

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  5. 69Dawg

    If by now we are not reconciled with the fact that we have nobody at QB that would start for any other SEC team then you are living the Denile Valley. I also have not seen any of our WR’s that compare with the top scoring teams except for Pickens and Jackson. Our TE’s can block but they act like they have never caught a football. Kirby or the offensive QA guys are not exactly batting .300 with the recruiting, Stars be damn.


    • Russ

      Our QB situation is shit right now, but I think our receivers (including TE) are pretty good. Injuries have just robbed us this year.

      BTW, if there was ever a year for injuries and a shitty season, this is it.

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  6. It dawned on me yesterday that Bama will probably COVID-out of the SECCG and the gators will walk into the CFP playoffs to face a lame PAC-12 team before facing the tOSU / Clemson winner. So 2020.


  7. theorginaldawgabides

    Of course the media won’t acknowledge it, but this is a blow to the whole QB whisperer narrative. First, Mullen stuck with a wildly inconsistent Franks over Trask for a season and a half. It took a season ending injury to force a change. Then Franks goes to Arkansas and improves considerably under different coaching.

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    • spur21

      The FU system makes almost any QB look Heisman worthy. Does anybody consider Trask a #1 pick? He is possibly above average but mostly a product of a system that utilizes 5 yard passes.


      • Teacher Martin

        Which UGA had a system that could score like that

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        • bigjohnson1992

          Wishful thinking. We’re old school, bleed the clock, man ballers don’t ya know? Score 20 hold them to something less than that. That’s our formula for 9/10 win seasons. When I here other schools score so much due to their gimmick offensive systems, I think ‘why can’t we get one of those? Does it really matter about the purity or the class or tradition of how you get to scoring 40 plus every game?

          Hate hearing , ‘yeah but they use Urban Myers old system’. Like that’s a bad thing.


  8. Salty Dawg

    I couldn’t stomach watching the handbags, so I watched the chickens play Ole Miss. Watching ol’ Will have a hissy fit was just the laugh I needed!