Who ‘ya gonna believe, your lyin’ eyes or your own stats?

Gotta admit I got a real chuckle out of StatCat’s dilemma.

At some point, you have to quit fighting the feeling.


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  1. His downfield accuracy has been spotty, but at least catchable (as long as our guys win the scrap for the ball). I expect it to improve. The most jaw dropping throws I’ve seen from him have been on the run….just crazy accurate throws. Looking forward to seeing his game progress even further for sure.

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    • NotMyCrossToBear

      I agree about the downfield accuracy, but with the way refs call PI that’s all you have to do.

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      • 69Dawg

        JT lived off of PI’s his Freshman season. If you throw it short and the DB has to comeback to the ball and runs into the WR it’s going to get called every time.


  2. I don’t know what he’s seeing. Daniels’ deep passes lack touch, he’s under throwing them, but they haven’t been off the mark. That will come with reps hopefully. More impressive to me is his ability to throw intermediate routes with enough velocity to allow the guys to run after the catch. That’s been missing for a long, long time.

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  3. Remember the Quincy

    Amazingly, we have two QBs in the top six on this list.


  4. Greg

    Excited to see when he gets full mobility back….he is obviously still favoring his knee.

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  5. armydawg

    The only thing about JT’s delivery that I don’t like is the trajectory on his long balls. He launches it so high that it looks like a 9-iron approach shot to the green. I would like to see a lower trajectory if he’s got the arm strength for it


    • benco04

      A guy named Russ Wilson is making a career out of the moon-ball. He learned that a higher trajectory allows for more correction by your guy, and less of a chance for the defender to get it.

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      • biggity ben

        This is correct. The announcers called that out earlier in the season for a Seahawks game. I’ve paid attention to Wilson’s deep balls ever since. He is by far (to my eyes) one of the best in the game, if not the best. His downfield accuracy catches me by surprise every time.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    His ability to find the open receiver and manage the game is remarkable.
    His third down completion rate is off the charts (which indicates that he is cool as a cucumber).
    Just look at those numbers on third down! And they’re not even inflated by getting to face Grantham’s D!

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  7. Down Island Way

    Sooner or later we gonna’ get you on the “Midnight train to 3rd down success rate”…knowing there are unbelievers exist, stats may lie, film don’t…might as well get on board, cause that train is gonna’ be full after clempson (2021) leaves Athens town with a uncomfortable feeling…


  8. trbodawg

    Whenever I see numbers like that these I fear “Regression to the Mean”

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