Kirby’s crutch?

Well, maybe more sounding board than support:

On having Will Muschamp out there…
“He’s probably the guy I lean on the most in terms of coaching the coaches and drill selection and ‘hey, how did you do this? How did y’all do this? Did y’all do this period first? That period first?’ Trying to find new ways to make our program better. I like, a lot, having him out there. I like having him in the meetings because it’s not the skillset of coaching. He’s certainly a competent coach and confident, but it’s a lot more, for me, I know he’s done things a lot of different ways. When you’re out there in between drills or a drill is going on, you walk over there and say, ‘hey, how did y’all do this? Is there a better way? What do you think about this?’ It’s helpful. It’s certainly breeds confidence and it giy,ves (sic) you more ways to do things.”

I hope somebody reminds Kirbs that different isn’t always better.  Especially when it’s coming from a guy who’s been fired as an SEC head coach twice now.


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11 responses to “Kirby’s crutch?

  1. Defense wasn’t the problem in Hogtown. Talent overall was the problem in Columbia.

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  2. armydawg

    My jury is still somewhat out on this. Boom could be bad or mediocre or he might really contribute in a positive way. Only time will tell. Our players are the best he’s ever had a chance to work with either at UF or USC, so maybe some of his ideas or concepts might actually work with really good players. He just needs to know that it’s Kirby’s defense and not his.


    • Down Island Way

      There are boundries and/or hands off zones…Do pray this little experiment doesn’t give Boom license to go where he shouldn’t…ideas are one thing, motive is another…

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      • Yea I dont like any of it. I dont like how Will gets fired again and gets to walk through the doors making so much money the next week. I should have been a coach.


  3. Ran A

    This is a good thing. You always want to be looking for ways to improve. If Kirby thinks it makes sense, he’ll use it. If not – he won’t. That’s his strength. Love Muschamp being around the program. I think it’s good for everybody.

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  4. Nick Saban seems to make this type of experiment work.

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    • practicaldawg

      Correct. Failing as a HC doesn’t erase Boom’s defensive experience. He’s walked a lot of miles in those shoes


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    He may have been fired twice as a head coach, but he’s a damn fine defensive coach and coordinator.

    Boom is just yet more proof that the Peter Principle is real. It is unlikely he’ll ever be a head coach again, but if it’s just defensive excellence you want, he can deliver that.


  6. Well, I wanted Kirby to find a mentor. Just not Muschamp. lol. It really all depends on how he processes the info, and how forthright Muschamp is.

    The only constant is change, but also, you dont have to fix things that aint broke for the sake of change. Like I said – if Kirby just adds it to his info data pile, cool.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    He isn’t a DC or a position coach; he is an analyst, right? A bit pricey for an analyst, perhaps, but I do not see how this can be bad unless it is going to make Lanning feel nervous or cause some other friction on the staff, and I have to think Kirby knows his folks.


  8. Tell me what you think so I can be sure to do the opposite.