Meet the front seven

Josh and Graham do their spring deep dive on Georgia’s front seven.

Honestly, they had me at Jordan Davis, but check out Devonte Wyatt’s production:

Screenshot_2021-03-30 DawgStats on Twitter

I love Adam Anderson’s game, but, damn, he’s got some big, big shoes to fill this season.

Screenshot_2021-03-30 DawgStats on Twitter(1)

Bottom line:  Georgia’s got a stout front seven to work with, which is a good thing, because that inexperienced secondary is going to need whatever help it can get.


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13 responses to “Meet the front seven

  1. Terry McCullers

    Jordan Davis is the man in this group. If he gets double teamed that frees up other people to kill the QB. Take a lot of pressure of the secondary


    • Down Island Way

      UGA football is going to be stout (injuries not with standing), special teams play, UGA offense will help the “D” and the plus will be how the “D” coordinator helps the secondary with various schemes and producing 2nd and 3rd and long predictable down and distance….


  2. Texas Dawg

    What happened to Bill Norton? I remember when he signed, it was trumpeted as a big get. He seems to have faded in to obscurity. Failure to develop or injury?

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  3. Russ

    Jalen Carter is about to go off this season. He was unblockable at times last year. Plus, he’s fast.

    Also, don’t sleep on Nolan Smith (or rather, I hope the opposition does sleep on him). He’s going to get more than his share this season.

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  4. benco04

    The thing that immediately jumps out is the rate that of Anderson and Smith pressure or hit the QB. It was higher than Ojulari’s. I think we will be okay in the havoc department this year. Particularly with a Davis, Carter, and Wyatt as down linemen.

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    • The issue is whether or not Anderson can stay on the field and defend the run enough to get the snaps needed to truly break out.

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      • DawgStats

        Sounds like getting him pass coverage snaps will get him more opportunities to be on the field

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        • benco04

          All this press about Anderson in coverage seems to be a tacit acknowledgment of a huge issue last year, the short passing game. Goodness gracious, some of those later games after the Florida game were just painful. Our backers were shredded underneath on short routes.

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