Dawgs in glass houses shouldn’t throw scheduling stones.

The next time you consider mocking Clemson for playing an ACC schedule, you might want to pause and think about where Georgia ranks on Phil Steele’s toughest 2021 schedule, based on opponent winning percentage.  [HINT:  You’ll be scrolling down for a while.]

The funny thing is that the Tigers are in fact ranked lower than the Dawgs, but not by much.


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11 responses to “Dawgs in glass houses shouldn’t throw scheduling stones.

  1. Greg

    Most everything is relative, really don’t think of Massachusetts having a tough go of it because of their schedule. But for them, it’s probably tough.

    As far as Clemson goes, they probably got one of the easier paths to the 4 teams. It definitely wouldn’t be as easy in the SEC….


  2. Clemson and UGA both have Tech on the schedule, which is a massive drain.

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  3. Castleberry

    Maybe a similar SOS for the regular season. We’re not looking across the field at North Carolina in our championship game though.

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  4. Russ

    This ignores the fact that for us to win our conference, we have to beat Bama. For Clemson to win their conference, they have to beat some bum.

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  5. Georgia deserves one single easy path.

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