I don’t think competitive balance means what they think it means.

So, in response to a survey the Associated Press took of 357 Division I athletic directors came this cry of despair:

“NIL will be a game changer for all,” one respondent said. “Many will get out of college athletics as this is not what they signed up for. Schools should resist NIL and go Ivy [League] non-scholarship model. I do not see why NIL is good for all.”

It’s when you get a little further into the piece you find the giveaway:

Nearly 69% of respondents came from the 22 conferences that do not play FBS football. Only 10% of respondents came from the Power 5.

I give Chicken Little credit for cutting to the chase.  No mention is made of what’s in it for college athletes, because that’s not really a concern for an AD.  And if I were an AD at Podunk Southeast U, I’d love for the SEC to go Ivy League.

But it ain’t gonna happen.  None of it.  Just ask Tulane’s AD.

Tulane athletic director Troy Dannen was among the 15% of ADs who said they believe NIL payments will have no impact on competitive balance.

“The kids that are going to Alabama are still going to go to Alabama. The kids that are going to Southern Cal are still going to go to Southern Cal. The kids that are going to Tulane are still going to go to Tulane,” said Dannen, whose school competes at the top tier of Division I football (FBS) in the American Athletic Conference.

Looking back five years from now, which athletic director do you think will be proven right?


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23 responses to “I don’t think competitive balance means what they think it means.

  1. Gaskilldawg

    The Ivy League athletics directors don’t make the money SEC and Big Ten athletics directors make, so, no, I do not believe the Powef 5 will go the nonscholarship route.

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  2. RangerRuss

    Dannen most likely will be correct. What could change is that some of these no class, down low programs that won the bagman bidding wars for star players (yeah, I’m looking at you Auburn and Cam Newton) will be at a competitive disadvantage because everybody is getting paid above board. No clear reason to play and live at a shithole cow town that doesn’t even have a lake or quick access to an interstate without a financially advantageous incentive.
    Then again cheaters always cheat and I’m sure their devious minds will find some new scheme to stay competitive with honorable programs.

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  3. Non-football schools don’t want NLI reform. Color me surprised.

    The Power 5 is starting to understand who really makes the decisions in Division I and that they have allowed the Lilliputians to tie them down with March Madness money.

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  4. classiccitycanine

    I’m calling the AD’s bluff here. No way they’re giving up a cushy high-paid job where you don’t have to be good at anything but shaking hands. These guys would be in the unemployment line if not for college athletics.



    Tulane and compete…LOL


  6. mg4life0331

    Which AD will be proven correct? Greg McGarity. He really did fight the powers and wasn’t a pushover on the Auburn schedule.

    Lmao jk.

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  7. Derek

    My crystal ball says that the NIL world will come to be seen as the unfortunate end result of athletic department’s intransigence and failure to ensure the economic welfare of their players. The end result will be an anti-trust exemption. congressional oversight and revenue sharing and that NIL will fall as part of the compromise. I don’t think a NIL world lasts long. The replacement will be superior to the current model. The only question will be how much market share is lost in the interim.

    But I was wrong once so there’s a precedent for that possibility.


  8. Morris Day

    Won’t someone think of the bagmen?

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  9. W Cobb Dawg

    “Many will get out of college athletics as this is not what they signed up for.”

    Yeah, sure. And all the CEO’s nationwide will quit in protest if the minimum wage is raised to $15 pr. hr.

    Don’t worry A.D’s, there’s literally thousands of qualified people who’d gladly take your jobs and benefits for half the pay. You can rest easy in your self-imposed retirement.

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  10. TN Dawg

    Georgia is paying players now. Kirby was brought in to run the same pay scheme that Saban runs.

    Or did you really think it’s because he’s a genius play caller?


  11. RangerRuss

    You should cite your sources when you make such a bold statement there, pal.

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