Soooo…., Montana’s saying there’s a chance?

From today’s Mandel Mailbag ($$):

Hi, Stew. Other than Alabama, Ohio State or Clemson, can you please rank the five teams most likely to win a national title in the near future? — Jungman M, Rio Medina, Texas

No. 1: Definitely Georgia. Kirby Smart is going to get one at some point, possibly as soon as this season. He’s had the overall talent for several years but has had some bad luck and bad misses at quarterback. However, I found it interesting that in Max Olson’s recent story ranking the most efficient returning QBs, none other than JT Daniels checked in at the top of the list, higher than even Sam Howell and Spencer Rattler.

If the Dawgs can make it there, they’ll make it anywhere.


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47 responses to “Soooo…., Montana’s saying there’s a chance?

  1. Stew came around, we just had to wait long enough.

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Thanks, Stew, you just jinxed us. 😠

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    • Down Island Way

      “And Hoppy will never have to buy a drink in the state of Georgia for the rest of his life.”….the Montana project lives on….


  3. Sweet D

    My only issue is the “bad misses at quarterback” part. Newman and who? How can you consider Fields a miss if we got him to commit in the first place. After he watched Fromm take us to the title game.

    It’s a small bone to pick, but still.

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    • Munsoning

      Agree. I don’t blame Smart for Newman or Fields. I blame him for being late to the “outscore ’em” party. Saban hired Freshwater after the ’13 season. Smart hired Chaney in ’16, then promoted Coley in ’19. The Chaney hire was arguably too conservative; the Coley promotion was inarguably a disaster.

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  4. rigger92

    Lol, there are over 300 comments in the political arena here and this?

    The misses were the OC situation and the ‘20 being what it was. Fromm + Monken would have been interesting, same with Newman. No idea why Fromm didn’t take a lap with Monken but he should have. I have no reason to frown upon the Mailman but I would bet Monken made him more effective than we will ever know.

    Sure would be nice to have a Roquan type too. The D hasn’t been bad by any stretch but another game changer at LB sure wouldn’t hurt to go along with Jordan. Azeez could have been a game changer if he had some help on the back end, as it was he was dang solid though. Just like O, got to have two or more (Daniels/Pickens) to make the side of the ball dominant.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

      Fromm + Monken would have been amazing and secured Fromm a mid-to-late first round draft position. All one needs to know about that is look how he performed in an Air Raid-like offense in high school where he set all kinds of records.

      Jake is the perfect QB for Monken’s offense. He may not have Eason or Fields’s arm strength, but in 2017 and 2018 he was extremely accurate downfield, and no one made quick reads better.

      The kid completely fucked himself by declaring early, but also, if you thought you’d be chained to Kirby’s terrible manball offense as run by James Coley, wouldn’t you want to leave, too?

      Fromm leaving and ruining our 2020 season is as much Kirby’s fault as Fromm’s. If he would’ve let Fromm know after the Sugar Bowl that he was bringing in Monken, then I believe we beat Bama twice, beat Floriduh, and make the playoff. Whether we win when we get there, I don’t know. But I know we’d be in the tournament with a shot to win two games.

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      • aim260

        “Fromm + Monken would have been amazing and secured Fromm a mid-to-late first round draft position.”

        “I know we’d be in the tournament with a shot to win two games.”

        I feel honored to be in the presence of such an Oracle. I must ask though, with the mental edge you clearly possess, why waste your coulda/woulda powers on us plebeians? Go forth and change the world with your advantage of definitive hindsight! Huzzah!


        • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

          This is no special power, it’s simple logic and deductive reasoning.

          You too would be able to make deductions in this manner if you weren’t so consumed with wasting your brainpower on what you hilariously and wrongly believe to be clever witticisms.

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        • As Derek says “he’s right you know” im not a fromm fan, but he’d kill 2020 and been much better off.


      • RangerRuss

        It’s hard to argue with Corch and Rigger92 on this. I’ve stated the same, just not as eloquently. Beat them taters September 4, bitch slap the gaytards and the regular season should be gravy.
        Last year is gone and we ain’t getting it back. The future is making the Dawgs a regular part of the playoff conversation.

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      • Munsoning

        Figures that Kirby hires Monken and Fromm leaves to be Buffalo’s QQB–quarantine quarterback ( Add another few what-ifs to the pile.


      • Gaskilldawg

        I agree with you that Fromm would have thrived as our 2020 quarterback. If Stetson Bennett could get us to a halftime lead at Alabama then Fromm in Monken’s scheme could have outscored them in the second half, too.
        I disagree that Fromm ‘s 2020 UGA results would propell him to the first round. His arm strength and athleticism would not have improved.
        Too bad for us he wasn’t our QB in 2020. If he would be a 5th round pick either way Fromm was able to get an extra year of NFL money. which is good for him.

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  5. I’ve anecdotally heard that things weren’t great btw Kirby and Fromm’s family towards the end, but who knows.


  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Pretty soon Montana won’t know what The Athletic is, no one will, so this is all but a fart in the wind. The Dawgs will endure, though.

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  7. Maybe, maybe not or Fromm + Monken. Monken is clearly a better OC than Coley, but 2019 had more issues than just that. Fromm’s footwork and fundamentals went to absolute shit that year. His timing was off, etc.

    Maybe Monken fixes that, or maybe Fromm just got the yips and never gets over them.


    • Fromm was in the “trying to hard” category and really needed a grown ass man like monken. This is a good take


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

      Because you extrapolate his likely 2020 production based on his production in a similar offense in high school.

      Monken’s offense and all Air Raid derivatives like Lincoln Riley’s offense, as well as the Air Raid itself, may be a spread offense, but unlike the zone read or the Briles offense, it still demands a QB handle all or most of the pre-snap responsibilities, and unlike the zone read or the Briles offense, there are no dummy routes to clear the middle of the field to create QB run lanes, meaning the QB must make all their reads quickly.

      Fromm would’ve done well in this offense, and I can say that with a reasonable amount of certainty.

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  8. originaluglydawg

    Mandel changed the words, “calls by officials” to “misses with QBs”.
    If even half-assed fairly called, Dawgs have that natty.
    (no, I won’t let it go)

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  9. We landed on the MOON!!!


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