Off to a roaring start

Well, heavens to Betsy, I’m old enough to remember just *** checks notes *** three days ago that Pete Thamel and Dan Wetzel were warning all of us that scheduling hell was about to be unleashed on the poor ol’ SEC.

The new scheduling should create additional marquee games and perhaps increased television money, while potentially squeezing the SEC in non-conference scheduling.

Four ACC teams have annual games with in-state SEC rivals — Clemson-South Carolina, Georgia Tech-Georgia, Florida State-Florida and Louisville-Kentucky. Those games would continue, but there would be a decided lack of available non-conference dates for other SEC teams seeking major opponents.

You mean like this, fellas?

The cherry on top of that particular sundae is putting the game on ESPN.  That’ll show ’em the Alliance means business!

And even when they’re not, it appears.  Curious, indeed.


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19 responses to “Off to a roaring start

  1. All I got to say is “Money talks. Bull$#!+ walks.”

    I wonder what the casino boss who is the new Pac 12 commissioner and the “alliance”’s loudest mouth thinks about all of this.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    While Dan Wetzel isn’t as terrible as most every national CFB writer not named Andy Staples, Pete Thamel definitely is.

    If they said the sky was blue, I wouldn’t believe them.


  3. theotherdoug

    Under the Alliance USC would give up that big check for playing LSU and instead schedule a game within the Alliance. What is the Alliance going to do to make that not sting for USC? What’s in it for USC?

    At some point the teams in the Alliance that draw TV eyeballs have to wonder what life would be like without all of the fleas.


  4. stoopnagle

    About the only way I’m probably ever visiting Las Vegas is if Georgia plays there.


  5. 79dawg

    Until the Alliance (TM) does something about Mickey, they can bluster about the SEC all they want, but that and a quarter will get them a cup of coffee at the grocery store…

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  6. SoCalDawg

    classic, this is hilarious. one day. gold, Jerry, this is gold.

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