If you can’t be super explosive…

Brian Fremeau’s advanced stat specialty is efficiency; he tracks points per drive as a measure of a team’s success.  Points per drive doesn’t care if a scoring drive is one play or ten.  So look here at what Georgia’s doing in that regard:

Super efficient works just fine for me, thanks.

By the way, if you want to see a yards per play stat from him, here you go.

Holy crap.


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15 responses to “If you can’t be super explosive…

  1. akascuba

    It’s a glorious time for Georgia football let’s keep it up for 10 more games.

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    • Down Island Way

      Knowing that next level transition will attack UGA football next season, still wouldn’t mind going 25-0 for a while…


  2. Biggen

    Number 1 in Def category and number 5 in Off category. That’s good, right? lol

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    • originaluglydawg

      It’s good, but coaches like Kirby and Nicky will bristle at that number 5 on offense. Of course, you have to consider the opponents in all of these. According to the pundits, before each game, the Dawgs were facing a monster. After the games? the monster was dawgraded to a kitten.
      Bama’s win against Miami doesn’t look so hot. And Kentucky beat Florida worse than Bama beat Florida..Georgia literally broke Clemson. Clemson had zilch to play for after the loss and they haven’t been able to retune their Ukulele to this day. I’m not shouting it out everywhere I go, but I know people are whispering that the Dawgs look like the best team in the land.

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  3. The differentials in that short list stand out to me…. Georgia and Michigan most balanced out of the lot by far.

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  4. That non-garbage defensive YPP stat is absolutely eye-popping. The average drive our defense is allowing is a 3 and out when the game is still competitive. Throw in the fact that our subs come in during garbage time and keep the pressure up is amazing.

    Let’s do it again on Saturday afternoon, Dawgs!


    • Texas Dawg

      Keeping the pressure up during garbage time is a lot easier when you are taking seasoned efficient five stars out and replacing them with younger hungry as hell 5 stars looking to impress the coaches. I look at Bill Norton as and example. He as a very highly recruited player but is only seeing action in garbage time. He would probably starting for 95% of the other schools out there. When that’s the quality of the players coming in during garbage time……well let’s just say you’re still in a heap of trouble with a world of hurt coming after you.

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      • I know where you are coming from. Teams have been keeping their starters in during garbage time, so it’s even crazier that our 2nd and 3rd team guys on the defensive depth chart are keeping up the defensive performance.

        With the way we rotate especially in the front 4, the 2 deep are practically starters. Then you have guys like Logue and Norton roll in, and there’s no let-up.

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  5. theotherdoug

    At what point in the 2nd qtr did the Arkansas game become garbage time? The offense has stormed out to an early lead in most games and the defense is so good there is no way to for the opponent to get back in it.


  6. Sweet D

    Looks like Bama and the Chanticleers are pretty closely matched. That can’t be right.


  7. charlottedawg

    I’m too lazy to look up the stats but explosiveness matters and you can’t just ignore it if our offense isn’t good at generating explosive plays. Reason being is that if your offense can’t generate big chunk plays then it’s forced to string together 8-10 play drives to score which greatly decreases the margin for error (I.e. oonly takes a couple misfires on offense for the drive to stall resulting in no points or a FG). That was a primary problem in 2019, we needed to put together 8-10 play drives in order to score because the big runs from Sony, Nick and Swift disappeared (yes I know swift was on the 2019 team, he just had no room to run) as well as the long passes to hardman, ridley and holloman. The high scoring offenses of the last few years did it by being more explosive not by being more efficient.


    • My point wasn’t that explosiveness doesn’t matter.


    • Tim B

      The offense has the luxury of getting lot of possessions because of all the 3 and outs and a good number of short fields. Defensive and st scores are probably 7ppg. This offense compares in some ways to the 2019 offense but is better at tight end and truthfully at qb even if Stetson is playing. If you remember that offense through five or six games had very few if any completions over 20 yards. It is also far better coached. That said, this offense isn’t even close to the elite offenses that bama and lsu had the past two years. It may be good enough if they limit turnovers. I won’t be surprised if there is a game or two where they score less than 30. Heck they could only muster 3 against Clemson.


    • PTC DAWG

      I’m ignoring the shit of it right now.


  8. dawgphan34

    Dawgs defense is lapping the field. Hasnt been a defense this good in a while.

    UGA’s DPD is .16
    Iowa @ #2 is .88
    Difference of .72 points per drive

    Bama @ 28 with a 1.56 DPD is closer to Iowa than Iowa is to UGA. (.68 difference)

    Giving up 1 point per drive is generally good enough to be the #1 ranked defense. Dawgs would need to give up nearly 20 points per game over the next 5 games just to get to a 1.0 DPD.

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