Tuesday ticket exchange

It’s Kentucky.  Another big conference game.  You’ve got tickets.  Or, you need tickets.

The exchange is open for business.  (Be specific!)


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28 responses to “Tuesday ticket exchange

  1. Castleberry

    Looking for a Williams Street parking pass. Thanks!


    • mwodieseldawg

      Look at Park Mobile. My neighbor found 2 parking passes on there last night for $23 each.


      • Castleberry

        Thanks for the tip. Nothing there for Williams St. Already have my pass there and need one more for some “company” on Saturday. There are some on StubHub, but prices ($180-$299) are a bit silly IMO. They can go around the corner for $50 or $60. Happy to pay a small premium if someone on here has a pass they can’t use

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        • mwodieseldawg

          We paid a little over $400 after fees and taxes on stubhub for a spot in the Legion Pool lot for the Arkansas game. Straight up ridiculous but I had an older friend that wanted to go and he’s not very mobile. Best money I ever spent.


  2. Ward Howell

    Looking for two tix for KY game.


  3. Eric Rein

    Looking for a single club level. Sold my 2 thinking I couldn’t go, and now trying to jump back in. Eric 678-770-0785.


  4. Illini84

    I’m also lookin for one. markann at the google mail


  5. stoopnagle

    Currently on the prowl for 4 tickets to the Missouri game. Can be 2 and 2 or 4 together. Not interested in 600-level. Mostly trying to get a gauge on what will be floating out there. stoopnagle.ga.dawg at gmail


  6. bmacdawg87

    Figured this was as good a place as any to float this, but I just got 2 tickets to the Kentucky game, haven’t been to Athens in 4 years (I know, right…. that’s what having 2 under the age of 4 will do to you). Any suggestions on where to park/tailgate without a pass? We used to do Meyers pretty regularly but I’m betting with Gameday that whole area will be a zoo.


  7. Harold Miller

    Still looking for 2 for the Florida game.

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  8. tduga1

    I have one extra for $75.00 (face).

    Section 336 row 20

    Email tduga1@hotmail.com if interested.


  9. setzer613

    I have one Kentucky ticket and a parking pass at east campus. Section 327 row 11 seat 12. $90



  10. mdcgtp

    Friend who isn’t on vent just texted asking if I could help out.
    He has two in section 130/50 near aisle.
    $600/pair or best offer.

    as with my own tickets, I am very busy with work so don’t have ton of time

    make offer and I will accept best offer by end of work day….unless there are no offers and I have completely misread the market



  11. Illini84

    I have a parking pass at East Campus $20

    markann@gmail dot com


  12. basscatsc

    Can someone explain how to use Park Mobile? I am looking for the East Campus lot parking garage and can’t find it on Park Mobile. Do you have to search by date first? Does anybody know the zone number for the East Campus parking garage? TIA. Go Dawgs!


  13. Michael Flinn

    I’m looking for north campus area parking.


  14. jhorne2000

    Looking for 2 to Kentucky ! Please text 2294032221 thanks !