My Week 7 Mumme Poll ballot

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Well, that Iowa loss caused me to reboot my entire thought process about the Big Ten.  I’m now back to where I was in the preseason:  Ohio State and everybody else.  If nothing else, that cleared up my Michigan-Michigan State dilemma.

I did add Oklahoma State after they whipped Texas.  The Cowboys are playing some really good defense right now and could very well wind up playing the Sooners in back to back games to finish the regular season.  (And it’ll be hilarious if that totally unnecessary championship game caused a 1-1 finish for both, keeping the Big 12 out of the CFP.)

In the end, here’s my ballot this week:

  • Cincinnati
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State
  • Alabama
  • Georgia

Less than ten minutes to put together…


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11 responses to “My Week 7 Mumme Poll ballot

  1. gotthepicture

    I dropped Iowa, but left the other Big Ten top teams because, in theory, it’ll all sort itself out.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Similar thought process here: undefeated teams are undefeated teams until they lose. By the premise of this poll (don’t rank them 1-10, 1-20, whatever) in my mind until they get beat undefeated teams deserve a vote. And because I have eyes and watch some games, select one loss teams get in, too. Like Alabama ans tOSU.


  2. My ballot looks similar except I do have the Michigan schools and Oregon on my ballot because I still think the Ducks deserve to get in over anOSU if they are both 1-loss conference champions (and there’s only 1 spot) due to head to head. All of the Big 10 jumble will work itself out over the next month when these 3 all play one another.

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    • Holiday Inn Bagman

      Iowa slowed me down this week because I had to think long and hard about them after a really bad loss. Ultimately I left them in along with the other B1G teams as it will shake out. I also added Auburn back to my poll as I can feel SEC west chaos brewing in my bones. Maintain for second week no ranked ACC teams. Wake Forest you say? I’m not doing it so quit asking!


  3. thunderdawg42

    Senator, heads-up from someone who’s lived half his life in Big XII country. Oklahoma State won’t win Bedlam, and even if they do, they won’t win twice. They’ve won 4 times since 2000, and trail in the series 90-18. Doesn’t matter how good they look, Oklahoma has their number.



    We agree on 2 teams. At least that’s what my memory says.


  5. I missed the deadline, but would have added Ole Miss because a season like this just needs an additional storyline like that. Those cowbells are going to hurt when they come flying down.


  6. Russ

    How can you forget the Roadrunners? Beep beep!

    I threw UTSA a bone since they’re undefeated and the deserve some love. I also kept the Michigan teams in there.


  7. towniedawg

    Apologies, I believe I cast 2 ballots in error