Dan Mullen, international man of mystery

Be afwaid, Dan Lanning.  Be vewy, vewy afwaid.

Florida coach Dan Mullen wouldn’t commit to naming a starting quarterback for his team’s Oct. 30 game against No. 1 Georgia.

Emory Jones started at quarterback during last Saturday’s 49-42 loss at LSU but did not play down the stretch as Anthony Richardson led the offense on four straight touchdown drives in the second half.

“We’re really fortunate we have two good quarterbacks here,” Mullen said Wednesday.

… Mullen balked at a direct question whether Jones would be the quarterback during the first play from scrimmage against Georgia, saying he wouldn’t “get into strategy.”

Jones has started every game this season.

“I’m not going to tell you what the first play of the game is going to be, if that’s what you’re asking,” Mullen said.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that particular shoe drops.


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55 responses to “Dan Mullen, international man of mystery

  1. RangerRuss

    Fuck that motherfucker.

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  2. akascuba

    It’s a heavy burden being the smartest guy in the room. If he answers that question what’s next coach why is the record breaking worst DC in FU history still employed?

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    • Down Island Way

      “I see us continuing down that path,” …looks as though the UGA “D” is gonna have 3-4 interceptions and a couple of fumbles next Saturday or so says the FU hc…#FTMF

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  3. 81Dog

    I wonder if MuLLLen knows UGA has 2 pretty good QBs as well. Grantham will probably have installed 500 new looks in anticipation of this.

    I wonder who calls the flea flicker first, and who gets burned by it? 🙂

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    • coastaldawg

      Not sure who calls the first flea flicker, but bet the mortgage the Dawgs are not fooled by it. I doubt anyone is that confident in the Third of fourth and Granthams.


  4. I guess we’ll have to see how that shoe fliiieees! Wheeee!


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  5. I’m guessing Kirby and Lanning will be ready for both of them.

    Given LSU scored 49 on them, I have to guess we’re going to break 30 on them. If we do that, I have no doubt the Dawgs win.

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  6. If it’s anyone other than AR15, Dan wasted the bye week.

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  7. armydawg

    I am sure that Kirby has a plan for both QB’s. If we curb stomp them I think that will be the end of “3rd & Grantham”.


  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    I hope JT gets at least one crack at 3rd and grantham where he will light him the fuck up – AR15 style with night vision scope(gun not the dipshit turd QB) on a pack of unsuspecting wild hogs

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    • RangerRuss

      Violence DOES solve things. Shiiiiiit man, any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives.

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    • armydawg

      Always have and always will prefer the M-14 to that little pop gun.

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      • mongodawg

        Love my M1A!

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      • RangerRuss

        That M14 is a Man’s gun for sure. A true battle rifle. The walnut stock M1A is smooth class. Their power, range, accuracy and ruggedness are hard to beat though I’ve grown partial to the AR style .308s; especially the piston varieties. For humping you can’t beat an AR15.
        When you absolutely, positively got to kill every muthafucka in the room? AK-47 with Norinco 75 rd drum mag. That’s about my speed these days.

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        • mg4life0331

          I was a big fan of the m240g. But that’s a crayon eater toy, I believe you guys had 60s.

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          • RangerRuss

            The Doggies been humping the 240 for quite awhile now. The 60 was a good system and about 5 pounds lighter which is a big deal for Grunts. They were old and wore out when I was I was in 30-40 years ago. It’s good they were replaced with a rugged gun which the 240 series is. Glad I ain’t got to hump that Pig.


            • RangerRuss

              I wasn’t around for the transition from M60 to the M240. But I was around when the Automatic Rifleman traded his M16 on rocknroll to the M249 SAW. The yankee Army suspended accepting the SAW until FN installed a shroud over the barrel to avoid burning soldiers. The Corps issued the SAW as it was designed and just told the Marines not grab the hot barrel.


  9. Ran A

    Jones came out the same year that TLAW and Fields did. Seems like he has been at UF forever. Because of Covid, he is considered a Junior – I guess? If Richardson takes over, it will be interesting to see what this kid does. Don’t laugh, but I think there is one system he might do well in. Driving the Gus bus at Central Florida. The AR15 kid will likely hurt us on a few plays, but I think he’ll help as much as he hurts. If he’s running the show, UF will turn the ball over, you can count on that.

    Really don’t care. Just want to beat them and if possible – thump them.


  10. practicaldawg

    First play prediction: Emory Jones to Lewis Cine.

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  11. archiecreek

    Axing questions about a QB during floriduh week??SMH
    Only question worth axing that dumbass is…
    “Has Chauncey woke up yet??…

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  12. potatodawg



  13. Godawg

    Masterful manipulation of the media. Dayam he’s good. You need to do everything in your power to keep him and Grantham ditch lizards. #FTMF


  14. Dan Mullen International Man of Mystery: “Do I make you ornery, baby? Do I? Do I?”

    You make me a little angry, dopey the dipshit clown…hickory wood axe handle to the forehead “ornery” in fact. Kirby needs to unleash unholy hell on those ditch lizards, break their will to play for the remainder of the season, send them limping back to the cess-swamp…show them what the have settled for in having Mullen as a coach

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  15. W Cobb Dawg

    Jones, with 9 INTs, completes 10% more passes than Richardson. And both of them are turnover machines.

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  16. biggusrickus

    They’re both the same style of QB. One just has more natural ability than the other, though less experience and probably a somewhat limited understanding of the offense. All you have to do is control the run and not get out of position on playaction to shut them down. I expect Georgia can do that, and I see no reason to think Florida can match up any better with the front seven than anyone else has. Even if we allow that Mullen is the best playcaller around, you can’t call plays around getting whipped up front.

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  17. Mullen is a goober.

    In many ways I think ol’ CKS needs to lighten up and not take things so seriously. But I am very grateful he’s not a goober Mullen/Kiffen/Jimbo//BOOM/Leach/Gus/Pruitt/Butch/McElwain/Spurrier/Tubberville/Franklin/Meyers……

    I mean, the list of goober SEC coaches in recent memory is sooooo long —- Men who, in my humble opinion, would have shamed and besmirched UGA’s reputation for years if they had ever been our HC.

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  18. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Two random thoughts this morning. I really, really want Butch Jones to be the next HC at Florida. Can you imagine? The images in my head are priceless.

    Also, and I say this as a very unhip forty three year old who has more in common with people fifteen to twenty years older than me, the way they call that kid AR15 is the most boomer shit ever. They sound like a bunch of dads trying to sound “gangsta”.

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  19. miltondawg

    The funny thing about Mullen is that I truly don’t think that he is trying to be deceptive or playing games for some kind of advantage. Every analyst in the country knows that Richardson should start and have known such for weeks. Richardson and Jones aren’t that different, but Richardson clearly has that “it” factor that makes things hum a little better. I think that Mullen is so arrogant and stubborn that he can’t bear the thought of naming Richardson as the starter mid season because it means that the kid that has been in his program for years isn’t up to the task and therefore he isn’t the QB whisperer that the national media portray him as.

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    • Whiskey Dawg

      I agree. Danny is arrogant and will be tempted to make a point about who’s coaching the shit show. I think we’ll see both QBs. Jones will start then after the 2nd interception, AR will come in. The show must go on!

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    • HirsuteDawg

      This week, I was enjoying the angst and sense of impending doom on one of their message boards and they brought up this very point. They felt Mullen was too obtuse and too stubborn to switch to AR after he had picked Jones. Also that Mullins’ loyalty to Grantham and Jones was holding the Gators back. Loyalty for the loss! Personally, I hope Mullin stays there and keeps them swimming in a swamp of mediocracy and misery for a long time.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      Yeah it’s a combination of that and not wanting to admit that he’s been playing the wrong guy at quarterback, again, and have all the “quarterback guru” horse shit exposed for what it is. He played Goat Boy instead of Trask and they still called him offensive genius. He’s been playing a running back at quarterback with this other kid standing on the sideline. I’ve seen very little of them period so I admit that Inhavent seen much of Richardson but to me it’s mostly hype for no good reason. He’s big. He seems fairly athletic although that seems overblown too. And he does some stupid things with the football. All the “AR15” shit is mostly because he isn’t Emory Jones who they’ve seen enough of at this point.


  20. PTC DAWG

    Not surprised he doesn’t want to say who is starting, it’s not his job to.

    What worries me more, is how often will they attempt to late hit our QB? It worked last year.

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  21. wtm121

    Four straight TDs followed by an INT and a Reggie Ball moment.

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  22. stoopnagle

    If he starts Emory in Jacksonville, he won’t be coaching UF next year.


  23. Cheer wino69

    “I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that particular shoe drops.”


  24. Harold Miller

    I don’t care who starts behind center, as long as we kick some handbag ass.

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  25. uga97

    We have 2 QBs too.

    Mullet’s quickly become his own WLOCP- World’s Largest Overrated Crying Prick.

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