Hell hath no fury like an embarrassed conference commissioner.

Bob Bowlsby is such a whiny little bitch.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby speaks in measured tones about Texas’ and Oklahoma’s decision to leave for the SEC. Asked if he’s still pissed off, the answer is nuanced but clear.

“Being, to use your term pissed off about it, I can’t allow myself that,” Bowlsby said. “I have to get over the sense of personal betrayal and do what’s necessary for our eight continuing members. And that’s what we did.”

Personal betrayal.

Trust me, Bob, there was nothing personal about it.  It was all business.  Just like when you turned around and raided the AAC to fill the open slots in your conference.

So why does Bowlsby believe the two schools are leaving?

“Haven’t the vaguest idea,” he said, sitting in the bowels of T-Mobile Center. “To this day, they’ve given us no answers to that question. Either one.”

Why not?

“You’ll have to ask them that,” Bowlsby said. “I’ve asked repeatedly, and they never made us aware of any concerns in advance. When we’ve asked the question since then, we’ve gotten no response.”

Either he’s totally clueless, or totally full of shit.  I’m voting on the latter, especially after reading this shot.

“They’re thinking they’re going to recruit better and they’re going to get more money,” Bowlsby said. “Anybody that thinks Texas’ football problems have been a result of league affiliation are completely delusional.”

Texas fans have long complained about the home schedule. For example, few fans are excited about Kansas coming to Royal-Memorial Stadium on Nov. 13.

“Well, here comes Vanderbilt,” Bowlsby said. “Every league is structured similarly to what ours is. There’s three or four bell cows and there’s the rest.”

Well, Bob, two of your prized bell cows just escaped from the ranch.  Good luck with that.



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27 responses to “Hell hath no fury like an embarrassed conference commissioner.

  1. He should have been really embarrassed when the Texas State Fairgrounds crowd at College GameDay was doing the SEC chant at the beginning of the show.

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  2. The “is Texas going to recruit better in the SEC” question certainly is intriguing!

    TAMU prob says yes. Missouri, not so much.


    • From my seat 4 states away, recruiting hasn’t been the problem in Austin. The Longhorns’ problem since 2009 is that they haven’t beaten teams like Kansas State or TCU that clearly have less overall talent. Throw in the fact Oklahoma has owned them in the Red River Shootout. It’s hard to win anything consistently when you’re in that cycle.

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      • dawgtired7

        True. Until you start beating programs with lower ranked recruiting classes and losing only to higher level recruiting programs, there is no need to blame recruiting. You haven’t developed the talent you have.
        Although, I guess you could recruit so high that it over shadows your bad coaching.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    proverbial trust him as far as you can throw him

    also i hope we are the first to play tejas in sec play because we have some “we are back” redemption tour payback to provide.

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    • Russ

      We’re supposed to play in Austin in ’24 I believe, but who knows if that holds with them joining the SEC. We still haven’t played in College Station.


  4. 79dawg

    Texas and Oklahoma should just leave the cash for Bob on the corner of the dresser….

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  5. David D

    Don’t make me defend Vandy’s honor, Bob.

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  6. Ran A

    I say this being married 40 years, but watching others go though it. This guy is kind of like the ex-spouse that just keeps talking and reconfirms back to you – that boy did you do the right thing by getting away from that prick.

    That’s his one comparison – Kansas and Vanderbilt. Anywhere else in that conference, they don’t stack up – period. He either knows this and chooses to pretend not – or he’s a dumb ass. I actually think it’s a little of both. The fact that he didn’t see this coming, tells you that he doesn’t belong running the show.

    And the Senator hit it perfectly. Why is it not okay for Oklahoma and Texas to leave (without being pursued by the SEC – mind you), but it is okay for him to opening pursue other schools.

    This guy is a first class D*#K.

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  7. archiecreek

    Dere’s a commish in the Big 2 Little 10 conference??
    Who knew?? (Other than our Senator!)


  8. I think Missouri’s recruiting will improve if they are put in the West and are therefore able to have some more games with less travel time.

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  9. KornDawg

    Kansas State:

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  10. biggusrickus

    Sure, all (major) conferences are structured that way except for the SEC, which has 6 bellcows:


    And that’s about to go up to 8.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Well Bob, you could join the Alliance. Oops, they don’t want your conference either.

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  12. TripleB

    Wonder how the remaining Big 12 schools feel about Bowlsby as he continues to stew over his “bellcows” leaving? I suspect the schools referred to as “the rest” in his quote don’t appreciate his statement.


  13. uga97

    Bowlsby, witchy woman, see how high he flies.