Joe Lee Dunn, RIP

Man, sad to hear this news about one of my favorite coaches.

Joe Lee Dunn, a veteran college defensive coordinator whose career spans over four decades, has sadly passed on.

Considered by many in the coaching profession as one of the Godfathers of the 3-3-5, Dunn coordinated defenses at eight different colleges, including four different SEC stops at South Carolina, Ole Miss, Arkansas and Mississippi State.

I loved him as much for being a style maven (no socks on the sideline) as being an aggressive SOB.  He hit his peak at Mississippi State, where he was a finalist for the Broyles Award, and when the team won its only divisional title.

This, as much as anything, sums the man up:

Football being football, of course Dunn wound up working for Mumme.  He will be missed.


UPDATE:  Chris Brown had some thoughts about Dunn’s 3-3-5.


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12 responses to “Joe Lee Dunn, RIP

  1. drunkenmonken

    I loved watching him coach. He was as country has collard greens.

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  2. 3rdandGrantham

    My memory of Joe Lee Dunn will always be that huge gut he sported on the sideline. Dude looked like he didn’t have a care in the world; little did I know, however, how intense he was about his craft. And yes, his defense is certainly were exotic. I swear, some games you felt like the opposing QB was either going to be sacked…or throw a 50 yard TD.

    Also, you may recall there was an infamous spat after a MSU – Memphis game between Jackie Sherrill and Tommy West. During the previous off-season, Joe left MSU to join Tommy in Memphis, which led to Jackie rubbing it in a bit in Tommy’s face after the game when they met for a handshake – saying something like, “go ask Joe how he liked our offense today.” Tommy rightfully fired back after the classless remark by Jackie. I’m sure there’s a video that still exists somewhere on YouTube.


  3. RangerRuss

    RIP Coach Dunn.

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  4. siskey

    My buddy’s Dad was a long time high school coach in Alabama and he told me that he asked Dunn once about his blitzes at Mississippi State and Dunn told him that he didn’t always tell the players to blitz and that a lot of times he was as shocked to see what his defense did as everyone else.

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