SEC Power Poll, Week 9

Six teams with byes means there’s a chance for bouncing!

  1. Georgia.  Had a subpar game offensively and still crushed their hated rival by 27 points.
  2. Alabama.  Happy 70th birthday, Nick.
  3. Texas A&M.  Bye week came just before what’s turned out to be a big showdown with Auburn.
  4. Auburn.  Georgia’s win over the Tigers looks better and better.
  5. Ole Miss.  The dazzling offense tends to obscure the fact that Kiffin is still dealing with the aftereffects of NCAA sanctions on his roster and it showed against Auburn.
  6. Kentucky.  Whatever lesson Stoops was trying to impart with that fourth quarter drive against Georgia apparently didn’t take.
  7. Mississippi State.  Believe it or not, with three wins over ranked teams, the only program in the conference with more is Georgia.
  8. Tennessee.  If the Vols aren’t a mirage, then they’ll beat Kentucky this week.
  9. Florida.  The Gators have outgained every opponent they’ve faced this season, which makes them the best 4-4 team in the country.
  10. Arkansas.  The Hogs got a needed week off and now face a Mississippi State team that appears to be gaining some traction.
  11. LSU.  This week’s game against Alabama is the first time it hasn’t appeared on CBS since 2006.
  12. Missouri.  They beat Vanderbilt by a wider margin than did South Carolina, so they move up a spot.  But the thought of that defense against Georgia’s running game… ugh.
  13. South Carolina.  The ‘Cocks host a reeling Florida squad this week, but I doubt they’ll take advantage of it.
  14. Vanderbilt.  With losses to both numbers 12 and 13, they’ve likely cemented their hold on last place for the rest of the season.


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21 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 9

  1. Biggen

    AU has really improved. If they beat A&M then it all comes down to the Iron Bowl. I’m hoping Bama can win out and we meet them in Atlanta. I don’t want to see our defense chase Nix around for 60 minutes again. We should handily beat this year’s Bama team.


    • Derek

      Slow your roll…

      Btw: if Auburn loses to A&M there is still a possibility of a three way (6-2 each) tiebreaker if Auburn beats bama. I think that would send the aggies to Atlanta.


      • Biggen

        Yeah that’s why I’m saying if Bama wins out then they are in.

        I don’t want to see the opposite of the 2017 UGA/AU series play out. My inner Munson is in full worry mode thinking about that.


    • lincolndawg

      Give me Auburn all day over Bama.


  2. gotthepicture

    Here’s to the best 4-4 team! #Mullen4ever

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    • fisheriesdawg

      They may be 4-4 in the standings, but if you’re a former OC who has never fully embraced being a coach of an entire team, you’re 8-0 where it really counts: total yardage.

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  3. Derek

    Isn’t it 2 wins over ranked teams?

    MSU beat A&M and UK. I don’t see a third.

    Alabama has 3 wins over teams that were ranked when they played them.

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  4. NotMyCrossToBear

    Smartest guy in the room shows up again and ruins an innocuous post.

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    • Derek

      In the remote event that you’re referring to me.

      The representation that Leach had 3 wins over ranked teams had me digging. Maybe he deserves more credit? I really haven’t been paying much attention to anything not Georgia this year. So I looked. And it wasn’t true. So I asked an innocuous question.

      In my over 50 years I’ve seen two types of wins over ranked teams:

      1) where they were ranked when you played them
      2) where they were ranked at the end of the season despite not being ranked when you met.

      I’ve never seen anyone give credit to anyone for beating a unranked team as a ranked team because they jumped in and out of the poll just anywhere along the season.

      Sorry for ruining everything.


  5. TEXBaller

    Speaking of holes…….Here’s my top 5 with little comment:

    1) DAWGS — after Jville, DAWGS cannot win v Bama nor in playoff with SB @ QB. Question: Had Mullen been proposed that UGA would have three turnovers and 350 total yards, would he have taken those stats and liked his chances for a W??? HELL YES! Two awful interceptions. Turnovers are not acceptable — ANYTIME!
    2) Bama — Big Ed owns Tuscaloosa, it’s “his” house! Beat down cometh at the hands of the TIDE.
    3-5) A giant hot mess!